My World Suddenly Tasted So Bland

My World Suddenly Tasted So Bland

My September didn’t quite start right coz I was sick the first Monday of the month. There was something in my throat that’s making me uncomfortable coupled with fever. Kris had to bring me to the hospital so we wouldn’t speculate on what it is. My CBC (blood) test said it was only systemic viral illness and I only need to rest and take Paracetamol. So that sounded very easy, right. But since we don’t have house help, Kris had to take two days leave to take care of me and attend to Isaiah’s needs.

Now we feel how hard it is not to have help in the house.

One thing led to another. That viral illness led to cough and colds. My mom-in-law was so thoughtful to check on me and send me vitamins and other supplements. She wanted to make sure I’d be up and about because we’re set to travel the following month. The thing was, I lost my sense of smell and taste for a week after that and it was the first time it happened. I was worried and frustrated that I can’t enjoy food and was not able to cook. The world suddenly tasted so bland. Until we went to my mom-in-law’s brother who is an Ears-Nose-Throat (ENT) specialist.

It was dreadful. But I knew that I have to face it once and for all – nasal suction. It was a painful procedure but it was a real relief. The next day after that, I had my senses back. Though this morning, when I woke up, I kind’a lost it again but it came back after I blew my nose. Dr. Caparas told me to go back after a week if I’m still feeling the same. But you know, it’s something I’m really not looking forward to. It upsets me that my senses aren’t stable yet. The good thing is, I learned to prioritize what I needed to do. Funny was when I remember Isaiah saying that the bug shield lotion I was putting on him smells so good. So I made sure I smelled that when I’m able. 😀

Writing this whole thing makes me realized how helpless I was this September. But one thing it really taught me is that I have to take care of my health and never take it for granted. Plus of course, I was thankful that God made us able to smell and taste. Otherwise, everything else will be so dull and it was really stodgy.

How great God is for giving us senses? How great is He that He wanted us to experience all His goodness. Thank you Lord that little things teach us big lessons in life.
It’s Been A While

It’s Been A While

I’ve been quite for a while… I realized it’s been three weeks now since my last post. And I really miss writing here. There are just too many things happening lately. For one, my work demanded more of my time because my other co-worker is on leave. Second I’m involved with several ministries, which had series of activities the past weeks. Third, my husband and I are doing some kind’a project that we are both very passionate about.

There’s that particular time that I felt there are too many food on my plate already. Yes it’s tiring but I don’t think it’s not what I do that is exhausting but I how I do it. That’s why I thought I must re-organize my schedule and my priorities.

‘Go with the flow’ that’s how my being adaptive works for me. I am not very strict following schedules but having a ‘To Do List’ works really well for me. Now I have to work on something so all else will work for me.

Okay I have to sign off now and work on that schedule… after all Sunday is packed with family things.

Volunteer Weekend

Volunteer Weekend

It’s almost a couple of weeks ago when Kris and I signed up for Volunteer week in our local church. It always feels good to be part of a team that utilizes us in areas where we are good at, because it always hones our specific skills.

I remember how Kris and I both decided that we don’t want to just sit around and be served. That was back in 2008 when we were still attending Victory Fort. Fortunately that time, a church was planted in the heart of Greenhills. So we moved there and signed ourselves up in the Ushering Ministry. We were both delighted as we met a lot of good friends. After a few months, we decided to move in Victory Pioneer where we became part of the same ministry. Friendships took place one after the other.  We involved ourselves in a lot of trainings and seminars, established our Victory groups and created relationships.

So as I was saying, we signed up again to be volunteers. This time, I signed up for Communications ministry where I hope to be utilized in areas such as writing.

Kris on the other hand, joined the Music team. It was his second year now after Ushering team.

We are both excited on how we are going to be utilized in this season of our lives. It always feels great to belong but to serve and make use of your full potential is just way too satisfying.

Be Fit

Be Fit

In my previous jobs, I used to walk almost everyday and go up and down stairs. As you see, fitness was naturally provided at work and there’s no need to go to the gym.

When I stopped working it was also when I was pregnant and doing exercise was not at all advisable back then. So I haven’t gotten back to exercising since then especially now that I’m working from home. The only exercise I have is when I go up and down our bedroom and a few walks whenever we’re out of the house.

Thus the build up of unwanted weight, which I haven’t really paying attention to until I realized that I wanna be fit and up and about. So doing something about it is a must.

A morning walk to the clubhouse with Isaiah does the trick. Unlike before that I just went with my pair of flip-flops, now I have to put on my rubber shoes and prepare for the run.

I am enjoying it so far and I am committing myself in doing it regularly hoping to see good results not only for that stubborn cellulite but for good health as well.

Pizza in the Neighborhood

Pizza in the Neighborhood

There was this new establishment with an all-white-tiled interior by the neighborhood that opened lately. Kris and I were wondering what it was. The last time we passed by it we noticed they have wifi. Seems interesting because its like they just sprouted in the middle of a residential area with a nearby slum. Couple of nights ago, our eyes wandered and found that it was a pizza place. Really huh?

So last night, I remember to ‘google it’ and see what they offer. Pretty interesting because they are a gourmet pizza place originated from the US. When I told Kris about it, he agreed to see it and tag along our little boy.

Kris chatted with the manager, Jon Jon Dykee and found out that the owner is a native of Mandaluyong and they live just behind the place, which explains why such an establishment just grows in that particular area.

The pizza is good Kris loves it. I blame it on my “still-bland-palette” why I can’t seem to like it 100%. I’m gonna give it an 8 out of 10 score. Pretty high. You should try it. Red Brick Pizza Station is located half-a-block away from California Garden Square.

Goodbye Tito Danny

Goodbye Tito Danny

This afternoon, family and friends gathered together to take our beloved Tito Danny to his final resting ground.

Tito Danny is my father’s older brother who lived to be sixty-three before he finally breathed his last. His death was so sudden.  It was on the fateful Thursday morning of November 25th when he suddenly felt ill while commuting his way to work. He dropped himself off at a hospital along the way. The nurse phoned his wife, Tita Belen, who immediately rushed to the hospital. As per the accounts, Tito Danny was screaming in excruciating pain and the attending doctor advised that he was already in a 50-50 condition. Tita Belen was able to contact my cousin Jasmin who got hold of my sister, Emcy, who then contacted the rest of us. By the time I heard the news, Tito Danny has already passed away.

The last time we saw Tito Danny was on November 1. He was the same old Tito Danny who loves little children. The kids including my son, Isaiah had so much fun playing with him that day. It is his joy to play and laugh with them as if wanting to have his own grandchildren. His only daughter, my cousin-Doreen, is still waiting for a child of her own. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and they are both in town to see her dad for one last time.

Tita Belen’s house would never be the same again without Tito Danny but knowing that he’s already in peace, our prayer is for her to be comforted and still be able to smile and live life like she used to.

Thank you Lord for the life of our Tito Danny.


Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. – Psalm 116:15





I never knew what Thanksgiving tradition is until I met my husband Kris. If there’s one thing he likes most about his eight years stay in California, it’s Thanksgiving Day. Since he came home five years ago, he makes it a point to celebrate it here with the family. And thankfully, we were able to spend it too with some of our good Filipino American friends here in the Philippines.


For the last three years, we’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving in Heat, Shangri-La. This year, we missed our good friends Rob and Samantha Johnson but I am happy knowing that they definitely had the best Thanksgiving celebration with Rob’s family in Nebraska.


Thanksgiving has grown in me and it’s something I wish we had here in the Philippines to celebrate with our family and friends. Lechon can be our version of turkey while family and loved ones sit down all together sharing the things we are thankful for. It’s just perfectly good to count your blessings and share the goodness of life. I love Americans for that.

So what are the things I am specifically thankful for this year? There are a lot of and I want to name few of them here.

1.     Passion – I never knew what this word means to me. In fact it was the most difficult question for me to answer. But I thank God that through a lot of self-discoveries and breakthroughs, I was able to define it now.

2.     Friends – I am surrounded with people whose lives are a testimony of God’s faithfulness in every way.

3.     Inspirations – I am an inspiration-driven-person. The absence of it makes me feel so lousy. So God made me able to see the beauty in everything and anything where I can draw even the smallest piece of inspiration.

4.     Answers – I got a lot of it in any form imaginable, God hears my prayers every time, anytime.

5.     Opportunities – In everything I prayed for, God has always given me an opportunity to be what I prayed for and to get what I asked of.

6.     Son – Isaiah is a joy whose life keeps me amazed at how mighty God is.

7.     Husband – From the time he was just a friend up to being my better half, he never fails to bring out the best in me.

I am thankful for my life and for all the things that I was made of because each and every one of those lives for the glory of God.


Thankful for these friends.



Thanksgiving dinner with wonderful women of faith.


Happy thanksgiving everybody!