Everybody has a different love story to tell and to share. And each affect differently to different people.

I fell in love . I fell hard. My heart was deceived. I was lost. My life was bedazzled.

Yours can be poles apart with mine but I believe that at the end of the day we will both agree that Love taught us various lessons in life. And it contributed to our making as a person…

Love gave me a new standpoint about itself and about life. Moreover, it lead me into discovering what passion is…

I have found love and it’s now the light that guides me On the Road of life.



Now more than ever I am more certain with my journey… I am no longer alone on the road as I have Kris who constantly holds my hand and gives me a squeeze of assurance. And we have God who is faithfully present in all the events of our lives together.

He showered our marriage with blessings…

I conceived and gave birth to Kristoffer Isaiah who, himself is adorable. It is my joy staring at him and be amazed at how wonderfully God created him. His mannerism, identical to his dad is leaving Kris in awe.

His cute bubbly self filled our days with laughter and admiration. The things he’s learning everyday is also a lesson for both Kris and I.

Having two Kristoffers in my life makes life more meaningful and blissful.

I Do

I Do

The rain was pouring hard. I was trembling inside. The traffic was moving slow but my heart was beating fast.

I was anxious but the Chauffeur talked to me very nicely, trying to calm me as he assured me that everything’s gonna be alright. He was an old man, always wearing a smile on his face.

I breathed deep as I went off the car. He assisted me and said a word of comfort before he finally left.

I walked towards the door… slowly stepping into the reality of just once a dream.
The music played as soon as the door opened up and revealed my self to the waiting guests.

I can’t hear anything. I can’t see anyone but Kris.

He was standing still, holding back his tears while I just let mine flowed freely. We vowed before God to grow each other, protect each other and love each other … I was privileged to be married with the man after God’s own heart. I cannot imagine being married to anyone less than that.

Friends  stood before us. Families extend their love and support. We were enveloped with hope and affection and were blessed by people whom we respect and trust.

Ours, was a God written love story…

He has thoughtfully put each characters into our lives to make our love story as perfect as it is.



The big day has been carefully chosen and set. Friends and family were excited as much as we were. Planning the wedding wasn’t easy but at least it was a mixture of not-so-good-things, bloopers and fun. Oh not to forget, we also had those drama moments. Haha.

Kris has given me all the things I want and even those that I don’t need. I was pampered but not spoiled. We had eight months to prepare so each day were really precious. Along with the wedding prep was also the Future planning. We roamed around the busy streets of Makati looking for a place that we would call our home. We found one beside the Enterprise building where Kris used to work but we put it on hold until we were really decided.

Everything was running smooth until one day…

The company, Kris was working for cut short his employment with them — I was in shocked and he was devastated. It was four months before the wedding. We haven’t even paid our suppliers in full.

All of a sudden the road became dark and uncertain. I had too many questions in mind.

He was holding a prestige position in the leading credit card company. He didn’t apply to them — they pirated him. He was basically new and was about to undergo training in Singapore. He was just commended on a presentation he did in front of international delegation. How come it happened?

We seek legal advise and were planning to file a labor case. But his heart was not into it that he eventually dismissed the idea. He was not at peace but he let God directed his path.

That was the lowest point of our lives together… but it was the time that God proved his faithfulness to us. An opportunity opened its door for Kris. A good friend referred him to a certain office which called Kris immediately. And in less than a month after that fateful day from his previous office — he got the job. The pay was not as much as he was getting from his previous employment but it was enough for our needs.

How in the world can someone get a job as quickly as ABC in a nice company during the time it’s needed most?

I don’t know but God did that for him.

There are so many bumps like this happens. But in every bump was an opportunity to make us stronger and wiser everyday. We just have to continue going and trust that God will do the rest.



I carefully opened the gift he handed me. I was wondering what it had to do with the pictorial  that he had to give it to me in the middle of the shoot.

I thought that giving me a gift too big to be a ring was not proposing at all… and it quite disappoints me. I thought I was being led on.

It was a big blue photo album… a compilation of our life together since the very beginning. He carefully put everything together.

Each picture printed with caption but one…

I flipped the pages looking for the missing word but instead I

found him standing behind me.

Holding the missing “words” he wished to say himself.

He was all smiles and his hands were shaking.

Tears came running down as he came close and kneeled in front.

He opened that tiny red box and popped that precious question.

I was lost for words…

But there’s nothing in the world I want to do than to be with him…

and there’s nothing I want to say but

YES! I will marry you.

This day was indeed a manifestation of an answered prayer.

There was a long road ahead of us.

But this time it was unwavering and bright.

My journey continue as I walk hand in hand with him…



I was at my happiest when I was with him and was always hoping that my time spent with him would never end.

Here is the man, who brings out the best in me. The one who makes me laugh over and over. The one who always believes in me and  made me realize my full potential. There was nothing else, I was enthusiastic about but to spend the rest of my days with him.

I was confident holding on to God’s promise, specific with my supplication as well. And  I was hoping that my heart’s desire was aligned to His perfect will for me.

As I made my entrance to Picture Company in Podium, I never thought that it would change my life forever. I was greeted by the staff, trying so hard not to be obvious that something was up. I never got the hint though. Kris reserved the studio for our photo shoot. He’s been telling me few days earlier how much he wanted to have a prom-like-picture because he never had one. He was so cool… posing like a pro. Little did I know that behind those big smiles, he was trying to cover up something that he was about to play out.

The photographer was clicking away, capturing every detail, knowing what’s coming up next…

Assuredly, something wonderful was yet to be uncovered..



I was welcome with wide hands and warm hearts — nothing can ever make me feel that i belong the way his family did. Both spiritual & biological.

We journeyed together… went through ups & downs and experienced a roller coaster ride like anyone else. We passed through tunnels of doubts and survived a number of setbacks.

In the process, I learned to gain confidence. My world has become bigger. I discovered a lot of life’s beauty.  But more than anything else, I have come to reconciled with my Creator.

I never thought it was Him all along. My once broken heart and suppressed soul has come to deliverance from the bond of the past. It was not my relationship with Kris that brings me to healing. More than anything else … it was knowing Him, accepting Him and inviting Him to lead over  me.

God was the missing piece in my life.  I have to seek with all my heart and with all my soul, because He is the piece that can only be found beyond the things unseen.

I was broken and He has made me complete. He has put me together into one piece and bind me with Kris who was himself complete in Him.

My being complete does not depend on anyone I was with  but with Him who is with me through eternity.

His perfect plan for my life has then continue to unfold…