Can’t You Ask God Why Bad Things Happen?

Can’t You Ask God Why Bad Things Happen?

Do you remember the story of “Sarah the Little Princess“? Camille Prats portrayed the role of Sarah in Filipino version back in 1995 when she was only 10.

It only seems like yesterday but Camille is no longer that little girl anymore. She got married in civil-ceremonies in 2008, had her child, and re-married in church only last year. They are a young couple, almost my age. The future looks so bright for them, full of dreams like any married couple.

But indeed, life is short.

This Monday, I learned that Camille’s husband passed away who was diagnosed with stage four cancer just three months after their church wedding. I don’t know Camille Prats personally neither her husband or anyone related to them but I was just as shocked to know that someone’s dreams can end just like that, especially at an early age.

This reminds me of people who tell others in grieving situations this, “You never ask God when things like this happen because it’s really beyond our own understanding.” A pretty harmless advice right? But that’s not right. In fact, you can ask God anything and everything because He can comfort you and give you what you need in alignment to His perfect will for your life. God wants us to go to Him and pour out our hearts when we are overwhelmed with the events in our lives.

Remember, sicknesses are not of God’s. In the same way, bad things happening in our lives are not of God’s. They are tests from the enemies, which God can turn into opportunities. He allows us be tested so we can experience His greatness and His presence in our lives. Nobody could comfort us like God could. Nobody can ever show us the light at the end of the tunnel without trusting God.

After all, life is not about us but about Him.

I feel for Camille and for the rest of the people who are going through the same crisis in life. My prayers are with them and my hopes are for them to experience God’s healing and comfort. And be able to enjoy a relationship with Him.

2 Corinthians 12:9  – But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me

A Late Bloomer Fan

A Late Bloomer Fan

We spent Kris’s birthday week in Tagaytay where we had a wonderful time reuniting with good friends from abroad. It was especially relaxing because aside from the absence of Internet connection, we just get to slouch in front of the TV watching Twilight.

I was never a fan of Bella-Edward love team ever. I don’t remember even having an inkling of watching it during the peak of its popularity because I don’t like anything hyped. I just shrugged my shoulders whenever I was asked if I see it. No and I don’t have intentions to. So New Moon and Eclipse passed without me being flustered to go to movie house and join the rest of its crazy-girl-fans.

Not until I saw the DVD of it lying in front of Michelle’s almost 50 inch TV screen in a beautiful house in Crosswind Tagaytay. How tempting was that? I asked Kris to put it on while I was getting ready some food to munch…

Then it all began. I feel like I was Bella that I’m super “kilig” to the mere presence of Edward. I never thought I could’ve feel that way like the rest of the girls who are crazy over this Twilight saga. What’s with this Bella-Edward-thing that I feel like I was in cloud 9 after watching it? … Feels like I’m in love all over again. THAT’S IT! The culprit is my being a woman who after all, loves to be pursued all the time. The snob-yet-good-looking-Edward captured not only Bella’s heart but also many of its women viewers because of his ‘vampire-ly-romantic-pursuance’ of Bella.  I got so much into it that I googled whether Eclipse is still showing in any of the cinema in the metro. It breaks my heart that it’s not so I ended up googling synopsis of is book instead. Not just one but all three of them plus the upcoming ‘Breaking Dawn’. Oh I can’t wait to see it!

Couple of nights ago, Kris surprised me with a DVD of New Moon and watched it with me. I’ve watched it twice but still up to watching it again. Now I can see myself lining up in with great excitement in cinema come November 2011. See you there!

Weddings Here & There

Weddings Here & There

Friends and friends of friends were all getting married and it’s flooding my facebook. Each picture has a story to tell and each story is God-authored like mine. Three of those I witnessed recently are my friends and I am just so privileged to be able to experience how each of those love stories were sealed before God.

First in the list is the wedding of my high school best friend, Tina de Vera who officially became Mrs. Xavier Babista on July 12th. Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked at Tina walking down the aisle. She’s the most beautiful of all and I am just so happy that after a long wait she finally ended up with a man whose heart first belong to God. Xave’s vow was truthful and funny. I just love how he delivered it with all sincerity.

Second is our dear friend, Alex Compton who stood as Kris’s best man during our wedding. He tied the knot with his beautiful bride Michelle who was a picture of simplicity and modesty. He was nearly in tears when he said his vow “ I see you, I know you and I love you”. It brought tears to my eyes as to every one else as well. Alex’ wait has ended as he waited faithfully for God’s promise.

Third is my good friend LJ Moreno who became Mrs. Jimmy Alapag on August 19th. I saw how she loved and how her heart was broken. And then I witnessed how she stood up and found her security in God’s presence.  I am proud of how she remained unshaken by the challenges she went through. I am just so happy that she ended up marrying the man who God intended for her.

Wedding is always a wonderful event. It is always to me a story of faithfulness and a remarkable end to a long wait. There may not be always a perfect wedding, but always a perfect couple.

And as for me, August 17th 2007 marked my own wonderful event when I married Kris who has since became my life. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and for blessing us tremendously for the past three years and the years to come.

A Wife is A Helper

A Wife is A Helper

While I was growing up, I am exposed to how my mother would take care of my father’s need every time. From the office uniform that she needs to prepare to the food that she will serve him. She always makes sure that the best portion of the food is reserved for him which she sometimes addressed as “our King.” I have learned from my mother the value of putting your husband’s interest ahead of others.

When I got married, I realized that it’s innate for a wife to take care of a husband’s needs like my mother does. This morning, Kris called from upstairs saying he can’t find his new pants. So I went up and got it for him. He checked if it was he’s looking for as there were a couple of other pants with the same color hanging in the closet. He thanked me after. I turned on the fan when I noticed that he’s already sweating while putting his contact lenses. I prepared his undershirt & a pair of socks and pick up his things down on the floor. Through all the mess, he managed to share with me a good thought that he read from Maxwell’s book before leaving for work.

Being a wife is sometimes exhausting as I need to attend to a lot of my husband’s needs. Sometimes I feel like I’m a helper. But come to think of it, being a wife is really being a help to the husband. But unlike our house help that attends to our needs because it’s her job, I help my husband because I love him and I care too much for him. There’s nobody else could lovingly take care of my husband’s needs the way I do. And that we shouldn’t let anyone else do it for us.

To be a wife requires abundance in love because only through it, I can help & care for my husband tirelessly. I thank God that He always fills my heart with His own love for me that I have overflowing of it.

Genesis 2:18 The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Love Language

Love Language

I found this while browsing my other blog site and I thought of reposting it here.

Should you want to give me anything?
Let it be your time.
Nothing compares to sharing my dreams with you.

Should you want to help me?
I would appreciate acts of service from you.
Nothing compares to working with you

Should you want to make me feel good?
I desire your touch.
Nothing compares to adoring your body

Should you want to entice me?
Let me receive a gift from you
Nothing compares to sweet little anything

Should you shower me with something?
Let it be your words of affirmation
Nothing compares to a life giving words.

Know me and Love me
Here are my love languages

Quality Time 30%
Acts of Service 27%
Physical Touch 20%
Receiving Gifts 13%
Words of Affirmation 10%

Should you want to know yours?
Heres the link and let me know you more

Kisses from the 5th Floor

Kisses from the 5th Floor

Kris just left a minute ago. Our one-year-old son, Isaiah and I were endlessly saying bye and sending flying kisses to him along our condo hallway .  Three minutes after I closed the door, I heard the beep of our car so I ran to the window like a child would. I was trying hard to peer out with my head bowed down to my chest. Then I looked at the building across where our neighbors’ windows are open. I was careful not to get their attention when I stuck my arm out of the window of our fifth floor unit & called on Kris down to the mezzanine where he parked his car. Kris looked up and smiled for a minute before he got into his car and drove off.

I was happy.

I don’t always do it… but most of time,yeah, I would. And I ‘m sure that when Isaiah grows bigger, he would do the same. Sometimes I laugh at myself when I do things like that for my husband. It’s like we’re just boyfriend & girlfriend at the height of our sweet moments. It may sound cheesy – but I love to do things for Kris and have a language that only the both of us can understand. I love the exclusivity between us and the joy of knowing that I always have someone to share myself with.

I want Isaiah and our future kids to grow up seeing how their parents love each other, care for each other, and do crazy but funny things for each other. I believe that growing in a family where love is overflowing between the parents, a child’s confidence is also building up.

I want to be reminded of these moments when we grow old — when we sit at the veranda of our dream home holding on to each others arms and reminiscing on the good old times — to laugh at ourselves and to love each other more.



Everybody has a different love story to tell and to share. And each affect differently to different people.

I fell in love . I fell hard. My heart was deceived. I was lost. My life was bedazzled.

Yours can be poles apart with mine but I believe that at the end of the day we will both agree that Love taught us various lessons in life. And it contributed to our making as a person…

Love gave me a new standpoint about itself and about life. Moreover, it lead me into discovering what passion is…

I have found love and it’s now the light that guides me On the Road of life.