Fruitful Week

Fruitful Week

I started the week with a women’s group meeting where we had a really good discussion and sharing about the life of biblical character named Hagar. It has always been refreshing to spend time with the girls and know their thoughts about a certain facet of life.

On a different topic, Monique, one of the girls from the group needed help with the print layout of her Yoga class. She basically asked for Kris’ help but he had a full schedule so I offered to do it myself. This was my first time but yeah, I was confident enough to offer my services. I’m glad that Monique liked my work. It honed my artistic skills that I never knew I have. Thanks to my husband for always pushing me in discovering my potential.

Towards the end of the week, Kris and I made a short trip to ‘Human Nature’ in Quezon City. This is a company that produces organic personal care products. I was given an item back in December, used it and liked it. So I ‘googled’ it and discovered all the wonderful things about it. I believe so much in the product and advocate their philosophy ‘Pro Philippines, Pro Poor, ProEnvironment’. I’ll blog more about it soon.

On that same day, I assisted Kris in doing his errands. And one of those was to attend his MMDA Traffic Court hearing. We were apprehended by an MMDA traffic officer back in December 28 on our way to our friends in Merville. I’m proud that Kris really took time for this hearing so as to call the attention of the authorities to that so-called ‘catch basin’ of these MMDA officers.

Kris got favorable response and we are looking forward for them to improve their traffic signs.