Series : The Big Transition – Part 1

Series : The Big Transition – Part 1

This year has presented us a lot of opportunities. And it’s so easy to be carried away with our emotions and excitement. So Kris and I were on our knees praying for wisdom to make big decisions.

After weighing our options Kris filed his resignation from his job to help his parents with their family business. This opened another opportunity for him to take up an online school program on Digital Marketing in Ateneo. He’s definitely the happiest when he first attended school again and it was such a delight, as a wife, to see her husband so happy.

There are so many things happening in our family now but I can only share so much this time. But really, we, as a family, feel God’s hand working in our lives. Should we insist on doing things our way without obeying His will for us, I doubt if we will be as content as we are now. Thank you Lord for putting our family at the center of your perfect will for our lives.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.



I never knew what Thanksgiving tradition is until I met my husband Kris. If there’s one thing he likes most about his eight years stay in California, it’s Thanksgiving Day. Since he came home five years ago, he makes it a point to celebrate it here with the family. And thankfully, we were able to spend it too with some of our good Filipino American friends here in the Philippines.


For the last three years, we’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving in Heat, Shangri-La. This year, we missed our good friends Rob and Samantha Johnson but I am happy knowing that they definitely had the best Thanksgiving celebration with Rob’s family in Nebraska.


Thanksgiving has grown in me and it’s something I wish we had here in the Philippines to celebrate with our family and friends. Lechon can be our version of turkey while family and loved ones sit down all together sharing the things we are thankful for. It’s just perfectly good to count your blessings and share the goodness of life. I love Americans for that.

So what are the things I am specifically thankful for this year? There are a lot of and I want to name few of them here.

1.     Passion – I never knew what this word means to me. In fact it was the most difficult question for me to answer. But I thank God that through a lot of self-discoveries and breakthroughs, I was able to define it now.

2.     Friends – I am surrounded with people whose lives are a testimony of God’s faithfulness in every way.

3.     Inspirations – I am an inspiration-driven-person. The absence of it makes me feel so lousy. So God made me able to see the beauty in everything and anything where I can draw even the smallest piece of inspiration.

4.     Answers – I got a lot of it in any form imaginable, God hears my prayers every time, anytime.

5.     Opportunities – In everything I prayed for, God has always given me an opportunity to be what I prayed for and to get what I asked of.

6.     Son – Isaiah is a joy whose life keeps me amazed at how mighty God is.

7.     Husband – From the time he was just a friend up to being my better half, he never fails to bring out the best in me.

I am thankful for my life and for all the things that I was made of because each and every one of those lives for the glory of God.


Thankful for these friends.



Thanksgiving dinner with wonderful women of faith.


Happy thanksgiving everybody!


My Bit and Bridle

My Bit and Bridle

There was this one morning that I woke up not really feeling okay and was overwhelmed with worries. So many things have been going on and I know I have to stop and relax. I retreated back on the bed, grabbed my bible, closed my eyes and hold it close to my heart.  While I was I flipping through its pages there’s only one thing in mind – I want an answer, a resolution that would quite my soul. And here’s what I’ve got,

I read the whole chapter so as to avoid being out of context. I can’t comprehend at that very moment but I tried to contemplate on it.

What could be the bit and bridle in my life that is holding me back to see the bigger picture like a horse? Thinking about the worries and the challenges of everyday life and let it overcome me, I realized that it is indeed my bit and bridle. These are the very things that’s stopping me to enjoy life because the mere thought of it is already exhausting. So will I let it conquer the good out me and succumb to its consequences? I definitely don’t want to so I know I have to do something about it.

Thank you Lord that even in the midst of troublesome days, You speak to my heart and let me discern what is needed to be done.

Working From Home

Working From Home

I am watching Isaiah taking a nap on the bed beside me… I am thankful that he’s just within my reach while I face my computer and do my work.

It’s already been a month since I started working for an US-based company. The first few days were really difficult, as I am required to submit a certain number of articles per day and at the same time finding my way into using the software that goes with it. I wanted to give up during the first few days especially because it came the same time we had this 3-day-big-event in our church. I was just so overwhelmed with all those things happening around me — and now after a month I survived the birth pains and is slowly getting the hang of it.

There is now lesser time for me to go surfing on a daily basis looking for something that will interest me. But my big bonus is that, in between breaks I can get to hug Isaiah and smooch him all over. It is both energizing and encouraging at the same time. My day is usually full but I love the fact that though I am tired at the end of the day, I know I’ve been “resourcefully-productive”.

I am indeed thankful for this opportunity of working from home. And I can’t ask for more.

Parking Free

Parking Free

“I have fifteen pesos” I told Kris while looking for some more extra from my purse. ” I have twenty” he said and drove towards the exit of the parking in Pioneer. I thought we have enough for a thirty pesos parking – that is if we didn’t exceed the minimum hour. So we didn’t bother to go back  in the mall to withdraw cash.

We were following an old blue Vitara out of the parking. The driver stepped out and approached Kris. Funny how I thought he was selling something  when he  handed Kris a small piece of paper. The next thing i knew, Kris was saying thank you and sounded so happy. The guy left, got in his car and drove.

Amazing how people would approach us at times and just blessed us. This guy got two free ticket parking but the parking cashier only acknowledged one per transaction. How in the world did he know he’s coming in just on the right time? I don’t know but one thing for sure – he heard a voice and obeyed.

THANK YOU, Lord for the people You’re sending our way to bless us. It’s amazing how You showed your presence even at the littlest thing.

Life is…

Life is…

January is almost over. Oh how time flies not just fast but meaningfully, nowadays.

I love how I discovered new things about myself, my life and my purpose. I am in awe at every new lesson I am learning on the road, everyday… life is indeed a wonderful foundation of love and appreciation of greater things in this world… seen and unseen.

THANK YOU, God. Life is awesome!



As I was putting Isaiah to sleep, it suddenly came vividly to me how painful it was giving birth to him.

It was an early morning of December 20th when Kris brought me to the hospital after monitoring that my contractions were increasing. During that time, I was still feeling okay, meaning I can still smile and talked to Kris with all my sweetness.

We were having a Lamaze delivery so one nurse commented that she’s hoping to see it as there were a lot of other women who tried it but gave up because of exceeding pain. Kris as my Lamaze coach, squeezed my hand and assured me that we can do it.

More than 24 hours of labor without epidural was no joke. The pain was unbearable. I was about ready to say I can’t take it anymore… but not my coach. Kris was super persistent. He was there holding my hand and hugging me back when I entwined myself to him like there’s no tomorrow. He was standing strong even when he’s witnessing his beloved wife in great pain… he just knew he needs to be strong.

I honestly was thinking that he doesn’t love me enough to made me go through that pain. But at the end of the day, after I have successfully gave birth to Isaiah through Lamaze, I realized that he’s not only committed to love me but equally committed in bringing out the best in me as well. He made me realized my strength and taught me one valuable lesson in life.

It’s not the world to dictate what I can do and what I can’t. It’s only myself.

THANK YOU, God for a coach in Kris. THANK YOU that You made him strong when I am at my weakest. THANK YOU for a husband that You have blessed me with.