Awesome Two Years

Awesome Two Years

Has it been two years?! It only feels like yesterday when I had painful contractions at 2am. I managed to endure the pain until 7am. Kris knew exactly when is the time to take me to the hospital. Did I mention he’s my labor coach since the successful Lamaze birth of our first son.

Unlike then, giving birth to our second, Kristoffer Daven at every inhale-hold-push combo was like fighting for my life. It was hard because we found out later on that his umbilical cord was coiled around his neck. Thankfully, my OB Gyne was super good that she took him out without needing to open me up.

I cried when I first glanced at him more than I did during my first labor. “Hay, ang gwapo mong bata ka na nakalimutan ko na kung gaano kahirap kang ilabas.” More than anything else though, I’m more excited for Isaiah to meet his new brother. I still remember how anxious Kris and I were while waiting for Isaiah to visit after my delivery. And yes I still remember how amazed Isaiah was when he saw his baby brother.

It was a beautiful sight. It brought so much joy for us as parents…

Today, it’s exactly two years past. Our Kristoffer Daven, KD to most of our family and friends, and Daven to me is now two years old.

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Where did time go, I asked myself… bakit ang bilis naman? Looking back, I have all these awesome memories of his first two years;

  1. He is polite for always saying “Pis” or “Peees” (please) when he wants something like Mommy, ilk pis.” (Mommy, milk please)
  1. He is humble for saying “Soyee” (sorry) when he did something wrong like    “Soyee, Ya” (sorry Kuya)
  1. He is thoughtful for always asking “Ar yah oday” (are you okay) when he see something different like “Ar yah oday, Mommy” or “Ya, ar yah oday”.
  1. He cares about my whereabouts “Mommy, ar you?” (Mommy where are you?)
  1. He is always happy to see Daddy and will say, “Daddy, carsh, beep beep”, which means Daddy is home because he already heard his Daddy’s unique honk.
  1. He’s always ahead of the game. When I say “Okay KD, I’ll give you shower now” he’ll head happily right to his bathroom, play by the timba with water while waiting for me.
  1. He is helpful and ready to obey when we ask him to do something like KD, please give this to Daddy” or “KD please get the phone”
  1. He is concern about saving electricity because most of the time when he goes out and in the room, he will always shut the door, para hindi sayang ang aircon.
  1. He knows what he wants. When he say “Atch Tayo Bash” he really meant he wants to watch Tayo the Little Bus so don’t give him anything else.
  1. He is some kind-of a health conscious little boy because he will always ask for “Kakers” which means water. In fact he loves drinking water so much that he’ll grab anything like a wine glass to get his own water from the dispenser.
  1. He’s starting young in fashion. He chooses which shoes he wants to wear and most of the times he wants the big ones that Kuya used to own. When I tried putting on a different one he’ll say “No, no, no”. And he grins when I show what shirt he’ll be wearing.
  1. He is a performer. He sings happy birthday and hums any tune with Daddy. He dances whenever he hears up-beat music.
  1. He is friendly and always says hi to people introduce to him.
  1. He has the final say after every milk time. When Mommy say Thank you Lord for this milk, in Jesus name, Daven prays..” and he say “Aahmen”.

What a blessing Kristoffer Daven has been to us. He brings so much joy every day. Thank you Lord for this wonderful boy that I once thought I never wanted to have. I love you so much to the moon and back.

May you grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man. – Luke 2:52



Thirty Six Years of a Wonderful Life

Thirty Six Years of a Wonderful Life

Five days after my father-in-law’s passing, I didn’t know how Kris and I would celebrate my birthday. But if there is one thing I want to do on my special day that would be to have a family picture with my boys. This, for me, has become my ‘birthday tradition’. As much as I want an outdoor kind of shoot, time was limited so we ended up with these ones;

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And because Kris knew that I like opening gifts, he made sure that I get to open not just one but five little gifts. I never thought such small things could make me cry because of the thoughts he lovingly put in each tiny piece he carefully chose for me.

I never imagine I could cry over a pair of scoongies, panyeta, pocket mirror, a bracelet and a gift card. And yes, who would have thought of giving me such things other than the man who knows me full well.

I have everything that I have ever needed in my life but I love how my husband taught me how to keep my feet on the ground. I thank God because He has given me the ability to appreciate the smallest of things and for guarding my heart from wanting things that the world dictates.

I thank God for thirty-six years of a wonderful life He has blessed me with. He made sure that each year is made of experiences that taught me about the greatness of life and filled it with opportunity to bless others.

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Thank you to each and every one of you who remembered my birthday and send messages and sweet thoughts. I am blessed because of the people God surrounds me with.

Psalm 27:4 One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

Learning From Home

Learning From Home

The first time I heard of Homeschooling sounded like, to me, the child has some kind of learning disability.

Oh my goodness, why such a thought?! 

But yeah, later on I realized the benefits of homeschooling a child as I further understand what it is. So Kris and I seriously considered this program for Isaiah. But since Isaiah is very sociable we thought that regular schooling would be better for him so we enrolled him in Montessori.

While regular schooling was fun as he learned together with kids his age, there were some things inevitable for him to copy such as words he never heard from home… if you know what I mean.

So when an opportunity presented itself for Isaiah to be Homeschooled, we grabbed it immediately. It was a little uneasy at first but we enjoyed it as we went along. We are both enjoying it now pitting me as his teacher.

Let me share what we’re up to just last Friday, 17th January 2014:

Our lesson for the week is about Mail. Each day tackles about addressing mail, picking up mail, sorting mail, receiving mail and visiting the Post Office.

Writing a letter for his Lola Celia.
Writing a letter for his Lola Celia.
He sent his Lola his picture with her when we went to Boracay the first time.
Carefully put the letter & the picture inside.
He carefully put the letter & the picture inside.
His Daddy took him to the POst Office to mail it himself after his Kumon class.
His Daddy took him to the Post Office to mail it himself.
He was happy to see the 'mailman'.
He was happy to meet a Postal Worker.
Feeling accomplished.
Feeling accomplished.
His take-home.
His take-home.

His whole week worth of lesson was completed in one fun-filled day.

Homeschooling Program allows him to learn beyond the confinement of a four-walled classroom and most days feel like he’s having a field trip.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.


Planning is a Statement of Faith

Planning is a Statement of Faith

When a new year starts its almost always inevitable to make plans. You probably organize new career goals, you make arrangements for new adventures for the year, and you prepare the things you want to do with friends or family. Planning therefore is a huge part of life.

As much as I appreciate the value of planning, I am one person who is very adaptable. Meaning if there is a plan and it didn’t push through, I adjust to the change right away. And being adaptable as I am, I don’t make a big fuss not having a plan.

Until I recognize its danger.

The absence of a plan means a waste of time… some really precious time. If I am serious at reaching a particular goal, I have to have a plan or I will just go around in circles reaching nothing.

My husband, who is a natural planner, taught me a lesson (without him knowing) on this. Whenever we will go to an unfamiliar place, he would always Google for directions, look for landmarks, study his options then print the map and hands it over to me. He never wastes his time assuming he knows everything already. For him, everything needs to be planned no matter how small it is.

This morning over breakfast, my son revealed yet another wake up lesson for me. At a very young age, he is already fascinated with maps. I believe he got it after his Daddy. There were always numerous questions in the car when he sees his Daddy looking at the printed maps. So as I was saying, this morning, he was looking at a map;

Isaiah: Mommy, tell me where our house is. (pointing at the map)

Mommy: It’s not there. Why do you want to know?

Isaiah: Because Mommy I want to see if there is a train station near our house.

Mommy: Why?

Isaiah: Because I will ride the train.

Mommy: Huh?!

Isaiah: I will ride the train when I grow up na because I will be a train driver.

Mommy: Ahhh…. I thought you want to be a “Businessman Car-Maker”?

Isaiah: Yes. I want to be a businessman car maker, a policeman, and a train driver.

Really?! This boy will indeed go places. He knows what he wants and I think he’s already planning how to get there.

In the book I am currently reading, Tools for Time Management, it says “Plans like goals are statement of faith. They are your commitment as to what you believe would be pleasing to God.”

I am not a good planner myself but it’s never too late to be better at something especially when you are open for a great change. How about you?

Proverbs 21:5  The plans of the diligent leads to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.


My Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today is one of my favorite days of the year as I celebrate my thirty-five years of existence. Each year is different but in all of those years that passed, there is always something sweet and special to be grateful for.

As I look back at my life, I see its imperfections. Born to parents who didn’t have much in life, I was not provided with every good thing other kids have. In grade school, mean girls bullied me and that forever etched my heart. And when I learned to love, a boy broke my heart and a lad crushed my spirit.  One tribulation after another came and scarred my memory. And at one point in my life, I was stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Life can be pretty tough that I asked a lot of whys… But today, as I look at my life again, I learned not only to appreciate but also embrace my beginnings.

If it were not for my parents, I will not grow up valuing the smallest of things. And had I not been bullied in grade school, I will not learn how to lift others up. If it wasn’t of that boy who broke my heart, I will not be in the arms of the man who loves me infinitely. If it wasn’t of that lad who crushed my spirit, I wouldn’t find my way back to my loving Father. People come and people go, but Jesus never leaves me.

My life is a bliss because of what Jesus has done to me.

With the man who always loves & protects.
...then came Isaiah
…then came the sweetest little boy.
...and Daven.
…added with the most charming little baby.
Now we're a complete bunch.
What a wonderful life with amazing boys.

Psalm 7:17 I will give to the Lord the thanks due to his righteousness, and I will sing praise to the name of the Lord, the Most High.

Hello 2014!

Hello 2014!

We bid 2013 quietly in our hotel room watching fireworks from the villages surrounding Holiday Inn.

We were in the 19F and got a pretty nice view of the metro. Kris and I had wine and cheese and Isaiah had his Ritz biscuits & some Kiwi juice for our Media Noche. While all three of us are in front on the TV waiting for twelve midnight, Daven was sound asleep in the soft, fluffy bed. (If he can only say a thing I think he’d say heavenly.)

He slept on my lap first before I put him down to bed.
He slept on my lap first before I put him down on the bed.

This was all new for me, who grew up with noises from the fireworks lit in our own yard and a wide variety of food with all the round fruits and all that. Having four siblings add more fun too.

But yeah, having my own family makes all the difference. Creating new tradition comes instantaneous especially with a toddler and a baby.

Isaiah and Daddy were dancing 2013 away while watching Hi5

Isaiah may not remember all the new year’s eve we spent in a hotel but I’m sure he had his own kind of fun every time, and our little Daven is starting to have his as well.

So free roaming around our suit.
So free roaming around our suit.

After watching the fireworks and finish his food, my little boy prayed and went to sleep.

And this baby, still in heaven.

Happy new year everyone.

Our little family is looking forward to a more fun-filled and blessed 2014. We wish the same for all of you too.

Psalm 20:4 May He give you the desire of your heart and make your plans succeed.

My 34th Birthday’s Gift & Bonus

My 34th Birthday’s Gift & Bonus

I’ve been wanting to have something for the longest time but never did my husband give in to my fancy. He knows I’m discovering a lot of things about myself and the things that I want to do. To “overwhelm” is not in his vocabulary. So he made sure he walks with me and stop with me to smell the flowers in each discovery I made about myself.  And yes, he always has the best timing and just knows when to drop in on a sweet surprise.

So on my birthday he made sure I will get that much awaited something.

Sewing and crafting are on the list of the things I love doing. And yes you can say I’m a big fan of Martha Stewart. I love that woman; she inspires me a lot to also squeeze my creative juices to come up with really nice stuff.

I am thankful for having a husband who supports me in the things I love doing. My birthday has never been the same since eight years ago when I met him. It’s not that I always get what I wanted or that I always get to unwrap a special gift or whatever. It’s just uniquely special on its own way every year.

I believe it pays to have a great partner in life to experience every good thing there is to life. But more than that I believe that it requires to have a heavenly partner in your marriage to guide you every step of the way. My husband can give me the world but without partnering with God, life will just be about the world where you can easily get lost and confuse.

Thank you Lord for giving me the best gift, wrap in the presence of my husband (plus a bonus gift wrapped in the presence of my 4-year old son and the soon to come bundle of joy.) I am truly loved by You!
Psalm 21:6 For You make me to be blessed and a blessing forever; You make me exceedingly glad with the joy of Your presence.