Awesome Two Years

Awesome Two Years

Has it been two years?! It only feels like yesterday when I had painful contractions at 2am. I managed to endure the pain until 7am. Kris knew exactly when is the time to take me to the hospital. Did I mention he’s my labor coach since the successful Lamaze birth of our first son.

Unlike then, giving birth to our second, Kristoffer Daven at every inhale-hold-push combo was like fighting for my life. It was hard because we found out later on that his umbilical cord was coiled around his neck. Thankfully, my OB Gyne was super good that she took him out without needing to open me up.

I cried when I first glanced at him more than I did during my first labor. “Hay, ang gwapo mong bata ka na nakalimutan ko na kung gaano kahirap kang ilabas.” More than anything else though, I’m more excited for Isaiah to meet his new brother. I still remember how anxious Kris and I were while waiting for Isaiah to visit after my delivery. And yes I still remember how amazed Isaiah was when he saw his baby brother.

It was a beautiful sight. It brought so much joy for us as parents…

Today, it’s exactly two years past. Our Kristoffer Daven, KD to most of our family and friends, and Daven to me is now two years old.

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Where did time go, I asked myself… bakit ang bilis naman? Looking back, I have all these awesome memories of his first two years;

  1. He is polite for always saying “Pis” or “Peees” (please) when he wants something like Mommy, ilk pis.” (Mommy, milk please)
  1. He is humble for saying “Soyee” (sorry) when he did something wrong like    “Soyee, Ya” (sorry Kuya)
  1. He is thoughtful for always asking “Ar yah oday” (are you okay) when he see something different like “Ar yah oday, Mommy” or “Ya, ar yah oday”.
  1. He cares about my whereabouts “Mommy, ar you?” (Mommy where are you?)
  1. He is always happy to see Daddy and will say, “Daddy, carsh, beep beep”, which means Daddy is home because he already heard his Daddy’s unique honk.
  1. He’s always ahead of the game. When I say “Okay KD, I’ll give you shower now” he’ll head happily right to his bathroom, play by the timba with water while waiting for me.
  1. He is helpful and ready to obey when we ask him to do something like KD, please give this to Daddy” or “KD please get the phone”
  1. He is concern about saving electricity because most of the time when he goes out and in the room, he will always shut the door, para hindi sayang ang aircon.
  1. He knows what he wants. When he say “Atch Tayo Bash” he really meant he wants to watch Tayo the Little Bus so don’t give him anything else.
  1. He is some kind-of a health conscious little boy because he will always ask for “Kakers” which means water. In fact he loves drinking water so much that he’ll grab anything like a wine glass to get his own water from the dispenser.
  1. He’s starting young in fashion. He chooses which shoes he wants to wear and most of the times he wants the big ones that Kuya used to own. When I tried putting on a different one he’ll say “No, no, no”. And he grins when I show what shirt he’ll be wearing.
  1. He is a performer. He sings happy birthday and hums any tune with Daddy. He dances whenever he hears up-beat music.
  1. He is friendly and always says hi to people introduce to him.
  1. He has the final say after every milk time. When Mommy say Thank you Lord for this milk, in Jesus name, Daven prays..” and he say “Aahmen”.

What a blessing Kristoffer Daven has been to us. He brings so much joy every day. Thank you Lord for this wonderful boy that I once thought I never wanted to have. I love you so much to the moon and back.

May you grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man. – Luke 2:52




2 thoughts on “Awesome Two Years

  1. Happy happy birthday to our dearest KD! May the Lord bless you and protect you and may always be your family’s source of happiness. We love you! – The Arricivitas

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