Learning From Home

Learning From Home

The first time I heard of Homeschooling sounded like, to me, the child has some kind of learning disability.

Oh my goodness, why such a thought?! 

But yeah, later on I realized the benefits of homeschooling a child as I further understand what it is. So Kris and I seriously considered this program for Isaiah. But since Isaiah is very sociable we thought that regular schooling would be better for him so we enrolled him in Montessori.

While regular schooling was fun as he learned together with kids his age, there were some things inevitable for him to copy such as words he never heard from home… if you know what I mean.

So when an opportunity presented itself for Isaiah to be Homeschooled, we grabbed it immediately. It was a little uneasy at first but we enjoyed it as we went along. We are both enjoying it now pitting me as his teacher.

Let me share what we’re up to just last Friday, 17th January 2014:

Our lesson for the week is about Mail. Each day tackles about addressing mail, picking up mail, sorting mail, receiving mail and visiting the Post Office.

Writing a letter for his Lola Celia.
Writing a letter for his Lola Celia.
He sent his Lola his picture with her when we went to Boracay the first time.
Carefully put the letter & the picture inside.
He carefully put the letter & the picture inside.
His Daddy took him to the POst Office to mail it himself after his Kumon class.
His Daddy took him to the Post Office to mail it himself.
He was happy to see the 'mailman'.
He was happy to meet a Postal Worker.
Feeling accomplished.
Feeling accomplished.
His take-home.
His take-home.

His whole week worth of lesson was completed in one fun-filled day.

Homeschooling Program allows him to learn beyond the confinement of a four-walled classroom and most days feel like he’s having a field trip.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.



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