Planning is a Statement of Faith

Planning is a Statement of Faith

When a new year starts its almost always inevitable to make plans. You probably organize new career goals, you make arrangements for new adventures for the year, and you prepare the things you want to do with friends or family. Planning therefore is a huge part of life.

As much as I appreciate the value of planning, I am one person who is very adaptable. Meaning if there is a plan and it didn’t push through, I adjust to the change right away. And being adaptable as I am, I don’t make a big fuss not having a plan.

Until I recognize its danger.

The absence of a plan means a waste of time… some really precious time. If I am serious at reaching a particular goal, I have to have a plan or I will just go around in circles reaching nothing.

My husband, who is a natural planner, taught me a lesson (without him knowing) on this. Whenever we will go to an unfamiliar place, he would always Google for directions, look for landmarks, study his options then print the map and hands it over to me. He never wastes his time assuming he knows everything already. For him, everything needs to be planned no matter how small it is.

This morning over breakfast, my son revealed yet another wake up lesson for me. At a very young age, he is already fascinated with maps. I believe he got it after his Daddy. There were always numerous questions in the car when he sees his Daddy looking at the printed maps. So as I was saying, this morning, he was looking at a map;

Isaiah: Mommy, tell me where our house is. (pointing at the map)

Mommy: It’s not there. Why do you want to know?

Isaiah: Because Mommy I want to see if there is a train station near our house.

Mommy: Why?

Isaiah: Because I will ride the train.

Mommy: Huh?!

Isaiah: I will ride the train when I grow up na because I will be a train driver.

Mommy: Ahhh…. I thought you want to be a “Businessman Car-Maker”?

Isaiah: Yes. I want to be a businessman car maker, a policeman, and a train driver.

Really?! This boy will indeed go places. He knows what he wants and I think he’s already planning how to get there.

In the book I am currently reading, Tools for Time Management, it says “Plans like goals are statement of faith. They are your commitment as to what you believe would be pleasing to God.”

I am not a good planner myself but it’s never too late to be better at something especially when you are open for a great change. How about you?

Proverbs 21:5  The plans of the diligent leads to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.


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