My 34th Birthday’s Gift & Bonus

My 34th Birthday’s Gift & Bonus

I’ve been wanting to have something for the longest time but never did my husband give in to my fancy. He knows I’m discovering a lot of things about myself and the things that I want to do. To “overwhelm” is not in his vocabulary. So he made sure he walks with me and stop with me to smell the flowers in each discovery I made about myself.  And yes, he always has the best timing and just knows when to drop in on a sweet surprise.

So on my birthday he made sure I will get that much awaited something.

Sewing and crafting are on the list of the things I love doing. And yes you can say I’m a big fan of Martha Stewart. I love that woman; she inspires me a lot to also squeeze my creative juices to come up with really nice stuff.

I am thankful for having a husband who supports me in the things I love doing. My birthday has never been the same since eight years ago when I met him. It’s not that I always get what I wanted or that I always get to unwrap a special gift or whatever. It’s just uniquely special on its own way every year.

I believe it pays to have a great partner in life to experience every good thing there is to life. But more than that I believe that it requires to have a heavenly partner in your marriage to guide you every step of the way. My husband can give me the world but without partnering with God, life will just be about the world where you can easily get lost and confuse.

Thank you Lord for giving me the best gift, wrap in the presence of my husband (plus a bonus gift wrapped in the presence of my 4-year old son and the soon to come bundle of joy.) I am truly loved by You!
Psalm 21:6 For You make me to be blessed and a blessing forever; You make me exceedingly glad with the joy of Your presence.


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