Series: Starting Anew, The Final Transition

Series: Starting Anew, The Final Transition

Culinary school is over and I’m on my second trimester. We’ve finally moved in to our new home and the construction of the Hostel business that Kris is managing is nearing its completion… I can’t seem to imagine how we were able to pull through all this just a couple of months back. I remember how I struggled to pack our things when all I want to do is lie down all day and sleep and reasoned out that I have all the right because I’m pregnant. Not to mention that I have to attend to my pre-schooler, go to school and accompany Kris on shopping around for whatever we need for the hostel and for the house. Whoa! Now it’s all coming back to me how I spelled life as B-U-S-Y.

But thank God! He made sure everything will be all right.

Now we are settled and fully adjusted to our new home, which Isaiah loves. We were also able to travel where Isaiah had truly enjoyed his first beach experience.




We also entertained our families in our new place and had the chance to share with them whatever we learned from school. It was a pleasure serving them both with love and passion (if you know what I mean).


And oh by the way, I’m also back to meeting the women in my small group every week for inspiring talks and learning.

Kris and I miss our old condo unit where we nested for five sweet years. We miss the neighborhood, the security service, the people and the comfort that it brings.


But we are more than excited to start anew…. not only a new home with a new addition to the family (we are expecting our second baby by late February) but new experiences and new memories to create.

This is definitely a transition! Thank you Lord that in every season of our lives, You are always there.

Philippians 4:19 And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.


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