Something’s Cooking in the Oven

Something’s Cooking in the Oven

Kris and I were in the kitchen lab for our Cooking Method class. As you know this is one of the exciting classes in culinary school. But there I was feeling lousy and at one point wanting to throw up at the smell of chicken roasting in the oven. Another time, in spite of bringing home a good portion of steak and whipped potatoes that we cooked, I still insisted on getting something else to eat for lunch. The problem was I can’t figure out what that ‘something else’ was. So I ended up getting myself some fresh grapes for lunch in a supermarket. I was hinting that maybe I am pregnant but at one thought, maybe it’s only because I’m having my period soon. After trying on several pregnancy test kits at home since December last year, I refused to believe that I am pregnant. You know just to save myself and Kris from frustration and disappointment.

But the desire to put an end to speculations and wonderings prompted me – anyway – to try again another test.

So early in the morning just before I prepare for class, I took the test. My heart was pounding fast, divided into the feelings of excitement and disappointment. But when I saw two red stripes I was overwhelmed with excitement alone. I held the doorknob and swung our bathroom door open that woke Kris up. But I controlled my excitement to play it down a little. I managed to have a blank face when I told him to check the ‘strip’ for me and gave it to him. His face was like he was ready to know that the result was negative. But when he saw it, his smile almost reach his ears at both ends and hugged me really tight.

My first pregnancy wasn’t easy. It was in fact really difficult that I told myself I never wanted to be pregnant again after that. But then again, the joys of mommyhood is incomparable. There’s this part of me that willing to go through all the pains again and experience bliss after.

Thank you Lord for another gift of life.
It is my prayer that this blessing be extended to family, friends and acquaintances whose heart’s desire is to have their own bundle of joy, in Your name, in Your time. Amen.

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.