Series: The Big Transition Part 2

Series: The Big Transition Part 2

Brand Ambassadors

As I have said in my previous blog, Kris and I were so blessed to be chosen as brand ambassadors of Lea & Perrins brand.  It was an awesome experience for me and Kris but what’s even greater is what goes with that experience. During our interview with Popoy Roderos, the Senior Brand Manager of Heinz, where Lea and Perrins belong, I mentioned that I will be attending a cooking class (half day course) at the Academy for International Culinary Arts. (You know, just sharing my interest in cooking and stuff). On the day we were shooting the commercial he asked me if I really wanted to go to culinary school. So I said yes with all of my heart. And he goes like “I’m not promising anything but we are looking at the possibility of sending you there.”  Whoa! Did I hear it right? Yes I did. Going to a culinary school is but once just a dream. I know it’s not a promise but it’s enough to tickle my imagination.

Vision Board
Two years ago, I have this vision board up on the wall of our bedroom. That’s where I put pictures of the big things I am praying for. So I have there the pictures of our dream house and… guess what, the class schedule of CCA (Center for Culinary Arts) that I printed out. I told Kris about it but he knew that I am exploring a lot of things and discovering my passion so apart from not having enough finances to send me there, he wants me to be sure of what I want and to really pray for it. In passing I told myself “if only someone could sponsor my schooling…”.  So that CCA schedule was just pinned there while my vision board accumulates a lot of other things needed to be prayed about. I forgot about it after a while but the desire to attend culinary school someday, remains.

The Perfect Plan
Knowing that desire in my heart, Kris inquired from Phil Global Hospitality Institute last February. His family is going into the hospitality business and he’s thinking maybe it’s the best time for me to go. So we’re like weighing our finances and see if we can pull it through.

But God’s plan is way better…in fact always perfect.

In March, Popoy Roderos called Kris and told him that he wants us to check the Istituto Culinario (IC) in Greenhills. So we did. Chef Chris Bautista, IC’s Department Head, toured us around their campus. It was great to be there. I really felt ecstatic.

After that tour, Popoy Roderos contacted Kris again and told him the great news. Heinz and IC entered into a partnership that will send both Kris and I into cooking classes starting April to August. Whoa! How great is that?!  I am going to culinary school with Kris.  Learning is going to be so much fun with him.

The Perfect Timing
I’ve been wanting this for the longest time. I am praying for it right from the heart.  It was not given to me right away but never did I give up on this dream. I waited…like I always do.

Thank you Lord for always making my dreams come true. You are always perfect on timing. And You are always true to your promises.

Psalm 37:7 Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him…

We were provided with our IC's bag complete with kitchen tools.
Thrilled to be in our chef's jacket
We learned the art of making stock on our first week.
I appreciate clear soup better that takes long hours to cook to attain a certain appearance.
Beef Consomme Brunoise & Porcini and Barley Soup
Cream of Mushroom Soup & Potato and Leek Soup
Reviewing for our first test.