It never change… my definition of love is still the same.

On the Road

Love month has officially kicked in today. Cupid is sprawling around as they say… Though Kris would take me out for a nice romantic dinner the past years, I don’t remember when was the last time that Valentines was really a big deal.

Hmm… maybe it was when I’m really young and in high school. When I was really expectant of something significant to happen. When all I know of it was flowers and chocolates. Now I even remember that holding a bouquet of flowers back then was like holding an iphone nowadays or a blackberry or maybe a new ipad. It was like a status symbol… status that you are so well-loved and wanted and pursued. That you are beautiful and famous.

That was then. When love for me was oversimplified and that anyone could easily interpret.

Time has evolved and love has matured. It grows deeper and fathomless…

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