What Makes My 33rd Birthday Special

What Makes My 33rd Birthday Special

I’m not big on birthdays. I never was. But this year there are few things that make it extra special and that makes it big this time.

Few days before the 7th, Kris got me a Samsung Series 3 notebook, which I needed for work. It seems like a big challenge going back to Windows considering its significant upgrade but I’m happy to be reunited with a PC again. The best part is I’m keeping my iMac that for some reason I don’t feel like selling anymore.

While Kris is also not big on surprising (I’m very easy to please, very low maintenance in that matter but Kris always finds it hard to surprise me because of my ‘investigative’ skills.) he did a great job on the eve of my birthday. He got me this watch he bought from the ship during our cruise and did a great job conspiring with his siblings to hide it from me.

On the morning of my birthday we we’re on a road trip going to Villa Escudero with my college bestfriend Tina and her husband Xave. It was great to experience new place with close friends on a special day.


It’s special not only because it’s my birthday but also because it’s the wedding of my highschool bestfriend, Keith. Who could’ve have thought he’ll get married on the same day of my birthday? It was indeed special to witness a friend saying I do’s.

What’s more? I got a text from my Tatay greeting me on my birthday. That was first time! Not for any other reason but I grew up in a home without verbal nor physical expression of love. I know he always knew when our birthdays are but this time I know he really took that effort to extend his wishes.

To sum up my day, our trip going back to Manila was filled with good laugher as Tina and I reminisced the good and funny times we had at work together. I never laugh that good for the longest time so I’m glad I got tons of it that night.

Birthdays are special. I truly felt how special I am. At the end of the day, you’ll realized that it’s not how old you get but how blessed you are through all those years of your existence…

When I looked beside me just before I close my eyes that night there I saw the two most important people in my life and that makes my 33 years sweet and blessed… and indeed extra special.

Thank you Lord for a such a wonderful blessing.