My 3rd Year of Motherhood

My 3rd Year of Motherhood

Today marks my 3rd year of being a Mommy as Isaiah celebrates his birthday.

It might just be too short of a journey on motherhood because I am yet to experience the so many other exciting stages of Isaiah’s developments. But for real, it only seems like yesterday when I first held his fragile body in my arms… today he’s no longer that baby.

Now he has a mind of his own, which (seems like) automatically switches on when he wants something or off when he doesn’t. And when he listens, it seems like he has this funnel in his head that filters things he adheres to right away and ones that he needs to analyze first. And of course there are also some things that he breaks immediately. It’s amazing how his young mind functions that really make me gawk at times.

Nonetheless I am enjoying what Isaiah makes of me — a proud Mommy. He’s the sweetest thing ever happened to me after his Daddy.

Kris and I are truly blessed to have such a wonderful boy. Thank you Lord for the life of Isaiah. Thank you for the gift of life… we’re ready to have another one. 🙂


Matthew 18:5 “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me.”


Baking: One of The Things I Love Doing

Baking: One of The Things I Love Doing

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning wanting so much to do something right away? It’s like fueling that urge in you to really wanna do it after putting if off for quite a while.

That’s exactly what I felt like doing this morning. I skipped everything else, except giving the little boy his breakfast and here’s what came out of that fancy.

My  first mini vanilla cupcakes.

I’m glad my little boy liked it that he kept asking for one after another. Now can’t wait for the big man to taste it as well.

I got the recipe here. You might wanna try it too. For the buttercream frosting check it here.

Our Mediterranean Cruise

Our Mediterranean Cruise

As much as I wanted to write and share the things I do and the things that inspires me…and the things I discovered… it’s not very easy since I don’t get as much time as I wanted to do. My hands are full every single day. There are just too many things I have to do and need to do.

But yeah looking back at how my times were since the last time I wrote here, it’s pretty much amazing… and that I want to share.

What highlights 2011 is our Mediterranean Cruise with the family. Kris’ side of the family has been planning this trip for like a couple of years before we all finally got onboard and relish the splendor of the Mediterranean.

On our first day we toured Sicily, which is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Next stop was the Republic of Malta, then Kusadasi Turkey, and finished off in Chania, Greece before we headed back to Civitavecchia, Rome.

The whole 7-nights cruise with the Royal Caribbean was a wonderful experience. We were in awe with the luxury of the Navigator of the Seas filled with entertainment, recreational activities, shops, dining places, and most of all it was filled with warm staffs and crews. I still can’t forget those faces we met from different nations with different stories of their own. Seven days might be long but not when you were presented with a lot of awesome choices.

The challenge of the trip came when we started our road trip. We stayed three more days in Florence right after the cruise to explore that part of Italy then another three days in Rome. It was extra difficult because we have to carry the little boy all throughout our explorations but the really wonderful part of it is that he appreciates everything that he saw and didn’t really gave us a hard time. Except that he’s too heavy when he wants to be carried after getting so bored from sitting in his stroller.

So many other things happened that was a good combination of the fun part and the not-so-good ones but generally, it was truly a remarkable experience and my little family were blessed to be able to experience it all together.