August a No Ordinary Month

August a No Ordinary Month

Every month there are particular reasons to be thankful for and celebrate. But this month is extra special. Here’s a summary of what really makes August a no ordinary month for me.

August 15, 2004 – It has been seven years now since I made a very specific prayer request on this journal.

August 16, 1973 – And today, the answer to that specific prayer request is celebrating his 38th birthday. I’ll never cease on thanking God for giving me the man that is committed in bringing out the best in me.

He’s not only a good husband but a great Daddy too. He is, at the same time, committed in bringing out the best in our son.

I know that, that commitment is not only limited to me and Isaiah for Kris continues to inspire the rest of the people around him. And that makes me and Isaiah so proud of him.

August 17, 2007 – Kris and I got married on this day and now celebrating our 4th year anniversary.

We definitely enjoyed good food.

We enjoyed our Snicker’s fudge but Isaiah enjoyed more his Choc-Nut

Oh and yes, how can we forget our little boy’s favorite

It has been a long day.

But at the end of it all, just looking at how amazing my boys are, this is one those days that sometimes I wish would never end.

I am blessed. I am joyful. I am thankful. Thank you, Lord for a wonderful family that I have and for the so many reasons to celebrate.

Isaiah’s Thankful Heart

Isaiah’s Thankful Heart

A couple of days ago, Isaiah and I went to buy his milk and few other items from Robinsons. By the time we finished our grocery, the rain started pouring hard and though it was just really a short walk home I knew it’s going to be a challenge with two grocery bags, a big boy, and an umbrella under the rain.

So I managed to carry Isaiah on my left, the bags on my right and the umbrella on the left as well with Isaiah helping me hold it.

Mommy: You’re so heavy naman Anak. Please tell Mommy not to give up.

Isaiah: Don’t give up, Mommy.

Mommy: Thank You Isaiah. That helps.

He says it every time I say he’s heavy and he would even try to lift himself up, while I carry him, thinking that he’ll lessen his weight somehow. When we got home, I asked him to take off his shoes and bended down in front of him to help him.

Isaiah: Thank you Mommy.

Mommy: You’re welcome, Anak.

He reached out for my chest and said;

Isaiah: Thank you Lord for his (her) heart.

The moment I heard him say it, I stared at him for second or two, touched and almost wanted to cry. (Oh yeah, I got so emotional) And he was looking at me as if wondering what he just said.

How can such a young boy know about the condition of my heart? Kris and I have been teaching him a lot of things that sometimes we don’t know if he really understands. I know it’s the same for other parents out there. Times like this would tell us that indeed kids understand what they are being taught.

Thank you Lord for the young hearts like Isaiah’s. Thank you for blessing us, parents, with our children’s thankful hearts.