The Pour Out Of Love

The Pour Out Of Love

“Mommy, it’s six o’clock na” said Isaiah as he pointed to the wall clock. “Daddy come home na.”

I was surprised to know that he memorized the time. It was the first time I heard him say it and he was right, his Daddy’s coming home in a few minutes. I believe it’s one of his favorite times of the day because that for him means play time.

And as soon as his Daddy comes home, the house started to rumble. They run after each other around the house. They hide and seek everywhere. They do ‘acrobats’. They tickled each other. They scream and they laugh all they want. It was those happy moments. Though I sometimes tend to be ‘kill-joy’ when I say it’s enough… but only because they were both tired and sweating.

Last night, while I was cleaning up and they were still playing, Isaiah looked at me and asked “Mommy, are you happy?” I was taken aback. His Daddy looked at me smiling meaningfully as if telling me I have to join the fun.

Yes I am happy. It’s my pleasure to see them both happy and enjoying each other. And I thank God that Kris is such a great Daddy.

He is pouring out to him all his love and colors his world with happiness. And they, together, bring that colors to my world and make me the happiest mother and wife.


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