My Real Superwoman

My Real Superwoman

When I was sick, no matter how far our room was from theirs (or how faint our cries were), she would always hear my call for help in the middle of the night. She would give me hot tea and clean up my mess if I throw up.

When I still go to school, she would always wake up super early to prepare my needs – cooked breakfast, pressed my uniforms and prepared whatever snacks I can bring to school.

When I went on my first job interview, she assured me that I could make it because she believed in me.

When I came back from work after office hours, the table is always set and food is ready to satisfy my hungry tummy.

Whenever I needed to go somewhere, she would always help me pick my clothes and tell me how good I look in it.

When I first introduced Kris (my husband) to her, she was the happiest for me because she knows I am happy too.

In all the events in my life, whether small or big, she is always there giving me her support, her love, and her tender care. And in all those years that I have spent life with her, I am a witness to her simple joys, her pains, her hopes, and her dreams.

She is my ‘Nanay‘. She is my strength. She is my treasure. She is my real SUPERWOMAN.


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