The doorbell rang. Isaiah glanced at me as if telling me to check who it was. I’m not expecting a delivery or anybody so I’m wondering who could it be. I was stunned for a moment when I peeped on the peephole… it was the ‘joy’ I wasn’t expecting to come back at all.

Joy left about 5 days ago to go home to their province because one of her relatives died. It was an abrupt decision and we were caught off guard with how things happened. Not to mention she left with uncertainty if she could still come back given her financial status.

It was kind’a hard to do everything without help and that’s where she really comes in ‘handy’. I could ask her to go to the bank, pay bills, do inventory of our store stocks and other things that makes her more of a personal assistant than a nanny.

During her short absence though, I felt so liberated doing everything from the smallest thing and that means non-stop. I mean, having a toddler who constantly needs my attention and tending our home to doing my online job, the only rest I get is when I doze off at past 12 midnight.

I asked myself if I want her back after all.  She’s all good and trustworthy, that’s one thing… but having enjoyed the liberty of doing everything on my own that makes me feel like I’m a ‘superwoman’ I don’t mind if she wont.

I thank God that in Joy’s short absence in our household, I got to contemplate on many significant things and discovered myself a little bit more. More than anything else, I have learned to value my time and put importance in every single chore that needs to be accomplished.


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