Terrific Two

Terrific Two

We went around Galleria the other night and took Isaiah to Toys R Us. He was so overwhelmed with vast choices of different toys around him. He wanted to touch everything as we explored every aisle there was. We didn’t plan to buy anything for him and I’m glad we stuck to that plan. I’m even gladder that Isaiah didn’t act up when we said no to something we felt he really wanted to get but just easily let go when we said ‘let’s go.’

I realized Isaiah is already two… then I remember the ‘terrible two’,

When he was barely a year old, there were several people who warned us about the Terrible Two Stage  where the toddler is just too much to handle because of frequent mood changes and temper tantrums. While there are books that says it’s a normal stage in child’s development, I still thought that it’s not so good to expect that my child is going to be terrible just because. I mean, yes, I heeded the warning but hoping and praying that it’s not the same for every child.

I am not perfect nor an expert in child rearing. I’m not even in any position to give expert parental advice but I learn as I go and I learn from the experts. There are several people I look up to in child rearing and a couple of them is my good friend, Lynn Castillo, and her friend, Jenn Punzalan. Lynn is not so old of a mom, she’s my contemporary but she’s ahead of me in terms of mothering her 2 wonderful kids and I admire how she and her husband Noy instill good values to their kids. In fact, I learned ‘Babywising’ from her.

Going back, I so admire how Isaiah behaves so well. He’s not perfect either, he’s like any other typical kid that likes to play a lot and cries at times but the bottom line is that he listens to us when we tell him something. And it just makes us feel so good that he’s growing up confident knowing how much he is loved.

Thank you Lord that I have a ‘Terrific Two’ instead.

The Pour Out Of Love

The Pour Out Of Love

“Mommy, it’s six o’clock na” said Isaiah as he pointed to the wall clock. “Daddy come home na.”

I was surprised to know that he memorized the time. It was the first time I heard him say it and he was right, his Daddy’s coming home in a few minutes. I believe it’s one of his favorite times of the day because that for him means play time.

And as soon as his Daddy comes home, the house started to rumble. They run after each other around the house. They hide and seek everywhere. They do ‘acrobats’. They tickled each other. They scream and they laugh all they want. It was those happy moments. Though I sometimes tend to be ‘kill-joy’ when I say it’s enough… but only because they were both tired and sweating.

Last night, while I was cleaning up and they were still playing, Isaiah looked at me and asked “Mommy, are you happy?” I was taken aback. His Daddy looked at me smiling meaningfully as if telling me I have to join the fun.

Yes I am happy. It’s my pleasure to see them both happy and enjoying each other. And I thank God that Kris is such a great Daddy.

He is pouring out to him all his love and colors his world with happiness. And they, together, bring that colors to my world and make me the happiest mother and wife.

My Real Superwoman

My Real Superwoman

When I was sick, no matter how far our room was from theirs (or how faint our cries were), she would always hear my call for help in the middle of the night. She would give me hot tea and clean up my mess if I throw up.

When I still go to school, she would always wake up super early to prepare my needs – cooked breakfast, pressed my uniforms and prepared whatever snacks I can bring to school.

When I went on my first job interview, she assured me that I could make it because she believed in me.

When I came back from work after office hours, the table is always set and food is ready to satisfy my hungry tummy.

Whenever I needed to go somewhere, she would always help me pick my clothes and tell me how good I look in it.

When I first introduced Kris (my husband) to her, she was the happiest for me because she knows I am happy too.

In all the events in my life, whether small or big, she is always there giving me her support, her love, and her tender care. And in all those years that I have spent life with her, I am a witness to her simple joys, her pains, her hopes, and her dreams.

She is my ‘Nanay‘. She is my strength. She is my treasure. She is my real SUPERWOMAN.



The doorbell rang. Isaiah glanced at me as if telling me to check who it was. I’m not expecting a delivery or anybody so I’m wondering who could it be. I was stunned for a moment when I peeped on the peephole… it was the ‘joy’ I wasn’t expecting to come back at all.

Joy left about 5 days ago to go home to their province because one of her relatives died. It was an abrupt decision and we were caught off guard with how things happened. Not to mention she left with uncertainty if she could still come back given her financial status.

It was kind’a hard to do everything without help and that’s where she really comes in ‘handy’. I could ask her to go to the bank, pay bills, do inventory of our store stocks and other things that makes her more of a personal assistant than a nanny.

During her short absence though, I felt so liberated doing everything from the smallest thing and that means non-stop. I mean, having a toddler who constantly needs my attention and tending our home to doing my online job, the only rest I get is when I doze off at past 12 midnight.

I asked myself if I want her back after all.  She’s all good and trustworthy, that’s one thing… but having enjoyed the liberty of doing everything on my own that makes me feel like I’m a ‘superwoman’ I don’t mind if she wont.

I thank God that in Joy’s short absence in our household, I got to contemplate on many significant things and discovered myself a little bit more. More than anything else, I have learned to value my time and put importance in every single chore that needs to be accomplished.