It’s Been A While

It’s Been A While

I’ve been quite for a while… I realized it’s been three weeks now since my last post. And I really miss writing here. There are just too many things happening lately. For one, my work demanded more of my time because my other co-worker is on leave. Second I’m involved with several ministries, which had series of activities the past weeks. Third, my husband and I are doing some kind’a project that we are both very passionate about.

There’s that particular time that I felt there are too many food on my plate already. Yes it’s tiring but I don’t think it’s not what I do that is exhausting but I how I do it. That’s why I thought I must re-organize my schedule and my priorities.

‘Go with the flow’ that’s how my being adaptive works for me. I am not very strict following schedules but having a ‘To Do List’ works really well for me. Now I have to work on something so all else will work for me.

Okay I have to sign off now and work on that schedule… after all Sunday is packed with family things.