Sharpened Like A Pencil

Sharpened Like A Pencil

As I pulled pencils from my penholder – one after the other – I noticed that none of it is sharpened. It’s sort of irritating that when you needed something, you thought it’s just there, but then when you try to access it, you realize that it’s not available for you just as you like it.

Then again, I wondered. People are like the sharpened pencils.

We are all capable of doing something significant for our family and for our society in general. But if we are not equipped to do what we have to do, then we are like the unsharpened pencils – our skills and talents are not utilized.

It’s basically like these eraser heads.

Some were still good and some were already worn out. If it’s worn out, it means it has been utilized according to its purpose.

We all have our own purpose in living. There is a special reason why we are all here. Others have discovered their purposes early in life while others take some time to unveil what it was that they are living for.

I can relate so much to that. Sometimes, I was hoping I knew the things that I know now when I was younger. I wish I were smarter. I wish I already had that wisdom in making decisions about life.

But come to think of it, whatever I didn’t know back then and whatever wrong decisions I have made in the past make sense when I found out that all those things made me the person that I am now… sharpened like a pencil and utilized according to my purpose.


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