‘Flower Bearer’

‘Flower Bearer’

I was busy working on my articles when Isaiah came up to me and said he wanted to go out with Ate Joy. So we exchanged kisses and hugs before he left. When he came back an hour later, he walked up the stairs. Ate Joy was following him holding a bowl full of flowers. She said my little boy picked it all up from the park when he saw none of his playmates around. The early morning rain might have kept all his other playmates in their homes so I guess he mused himself while getting all these flowers for me.

How I wish I was there with my camera to capture what could’ve been a very nice subject of thoughtfulness. Oh how I love my boy!

When he got that bowl from Ate Joy, he approached me and said “surprise!” That was the word he’s been practicing to say the other day when his Daddy came home. I was more than happy he was able to use that sweet word for me too. I was so touched.

This just made my day perfect.

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