Make Things Happen

Make Things Happen

I’ve resolved to be productive everyday. Gone are the days when I just give in to idle rests. When I just succumbed to bed and cover my face from the light of the afternoon sun and join my son in his peaceful nap.

There are just too many things to do…all things wonderful to learn, to create, to experience, and to explore. It’s such a waste of time not to plunge myself into all these things.

Books are lined up on my table, waiting to be read.

Leadership Materials

History of the ‘human manual’ is waiting to be digested.

Abraham's Lineage

The old camera is waiting to be clicked away to capture all the nice and the beautiful.

Kris' 2005 Canon 350D

I would love to write about it afterwards, express my thoughts like so many others who inspired me with their respective passion.


It was once so vague. I can’t grasp it with my limited wisdom of life. But the resolution made to make each day yield something worthy gave birth to a number of discoveries… all leading to what I love to do best.

It’s wonderful.

Life is wonderful when we choose not to give in to what will not make us utilize our full potential. Life is good when we discovered that there are too many good things than just lying around waiting for something to happen.

We make things happen… we get our body moving and uncover all the amazing things God has created for each one of us.



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