My Yummy Valentine

My Yummy Valentine

In the past six years that Kris and I were together, I don’t remember doing anything really special for him on Valentine’s Day. And though we’re not big on V-days, Kris never fails to treat me for a nice dinner in romantic and exclusive dining places. So this year, I thought it’s my turn to do something really nice for him in what I do best – cooking!

Cream dory with lemon butter sauce
Lechon Paksiw

It’s always been a joy to create something for my big man. His appetite is just so good.

Fruit and leafy salad with strawberry vinaigrette
Buttered Vegetables

And though he doesn’t consistently rate my food with the highest score of ten because he’s meaning to always allow a room for improvement – it is the more that I do it ‘best’ the next time around…and I am just thrilled that tonight, he loved everything I prepared for him.

Apple Salad inspired by Red Box

Kris, my Sweet, my Valentine… you are and will always be the perfect guest in our sweet abode.

How handsome you are, my beloved! Oh how charming – Song of Songs 1:16


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