I’ve Grown!

I’ve Grown!

There were significant people I grew up with. Some were the same age as I am. Some were older and some were younger. Through the years, when I heard something about the ones of my same age, like if they got engaged, got married or already had a family of their own, it seems like there is nothing so surprising about it. That is because we’re on the same season and that I really never felt how time flies so fast.


It’s pretty much the same with the ones who are older. Sometimes, I kind’a feel that I’m at par with them in terms of profession or maybe having a family too. Now it’s totally different with the ones who are younger than I am. There is this certain notion that these younger generations are forever young. So whenever I hear something about them, it’s like “Wow! How time passes by so fast.” Now it reminds me of these two cute little girls from my grade school who were then, a picture of innocence, all-play and forever darlings. But now one of them has a family already and the other one is a Doctor. It seems like only yesterday when I see them with their big ribbons on their heads.


This morning, I got the same notion from my eldest sister’s friend and classmate, Norvil. When he said he was surprised to learn that I already have my family (and why not at the age of 32?), I totally felt where he was coming from. The last time he saw me was more than 20 years ago when I wasn’t even a teenager yet. While it’s not a surprise that his picture of me was that of a little girl it’s surprising how older people perceived us to be after so many years of absence.


But yeah… I’ve grown. We’ve all grown. And yes, sometimes it’s really very surprising for someone who knew us in the past.


Time has made us grow. Experiences made us mature. But both have made us learn and appreciate life…making us wiser and fill us with wisdom in the process.





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