Inappropriate Kid’s TV Program

Inappropriate Kid’s TV Program

Isaiah wasn’t allowed to watch television until he’s two-years-old. His Pediatrician, Dr. Joseph Regalado of Cardinal Santos believed that TV-watching for babies his age is not appropriate as their attention will be divided between us, the parents and whatever he is watching. And of course, we don’t want that to happen so we made sure that we comply…for certain period.

When Isaiah turned one, I told the doctor that Isaiah might be missing some significant things  to learn since he’s in his formative years and that there are other kid’s TV programs that are really good. With a condition, he permitted us but provided that we will be watching with him and that we interact during the process.

And so we did then later on discovered that not all nice kiddie TV programs are good for them. Here are some  and why I think it will not benefit Isaiah.

1.     Dibo the Gift Dragon – I love this show. I was actually the first one who was entertained by it. It is really good but not for Isaiah’s age as he’s more of imitating than learning. Bunny’s character is sweet but she is also selfish.  While Isaiah can’t discern that yet, then we say no to this.



2.     Timmy Time – Kris loves this one and it was Isaiah’s original favorite. They are watching it together most of the time, however, there was no dialogue from the characters. It’s all animal sounds, grunts, and sign languages. Again Isaiah is more of imitating than learning. At his age, he can already say a lot of things and watching Timmy wont help him to develop his speaking abilities.


3.     Little Einstein – It sure was educational but I don’t like how it conveyed the message that kids can actually command something in their own liking. I particularly watched this episode where one of the characters felt bad that the sun already set. But he said that they can do something about it if they will clap their hands and once they did, the sun rose again. I was like, saying ‘no way’. What if Isaiah got frustrated over the same thing then clapped his hand only to realize that it’s not true? I don’t want him to think that by clapping his hands, he can do something about the nature just like that.


4.     Mr. Bean

I don’t think I need to expound on this. This is not just for his age.




5.     Danny and Daddy – I don’t like the point that Danny is way smarter than his Daddy. Period. I mean, we don’t mind if Isaiah will grow up smarter than his Dad. But for him to actually watch on TV that kids are smarter than their Dad, it might convey him the message that Daddy is no good and therefore he wont listen.


I know it takes a lot to be a parent. It’s lifetime profession where you can’t resign no matter how exhausting it could be. Unceasing prayer for them and for us as parents is the best. Plus listening and learning to other parents helps a lot. Reading good books on how to raise them will definitely help as well.


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