Hurting Back

Hurting Back

Misunderstandings can be so painful at times. Miscommunications can crush your spirit. You can think of many ways to get back. . . get even and release the ill feelings inside of you.

But then what?

It might help to make you feel better to hurt that person back. But is that what you really want to do? Feeling better is one thing but hurting back is another. So why not just. . .yeah, put this message in text and let that person know that despite of all the discomforts, a word of blessing can still come out of your lips.

There you will truly feel better. . .because you didn’t let that emotion to lead over you.

End of story.

In your anger do not sin. – Ephesians 4:26

Captive of Bitterness

Captive of Bitterness

Kris and I passed by this establishment a number of times. One time during the traffic right in front of it, he commented, “This building looks like it has so much bitterness in it.” While I see some clothes hanging inside, I can’t be really sure if there were people actually living in there. The roofs were torn. The windows were broken.  It was a total mess. And unlike the other old buildings, this one doesn’t just looks old… it was ugly.

My mind wondered quickly.

I imagined an angry person. The one who have so much hatred in her heart. She never knows how ugly it will make her to nurse a feeling of hate and aversion. She just care about how she feels not knowing that the guilt, the resentment and the anguish she has towards someone or something are not making her subject of remorse suffers but herself.

This old ugly building represents that very person. And it is my hope for her to be enlightened upon… for her to see the beauty of life and just choose to live every day with gratitude.

I may not fully comprehend her ordeals that brought her so much torment but it is my prayer that she will be healed and restored from her miseries.


You’re not the only ones who plunged into these hard times. It’s the same with Christians all over the world. So keep a firm grip on the faith. The suffering won’t last forever. – 1 Peter 5:10


Missing Walking

Missing Walking

I miss putting my high heels on and walk around

As if my feet never tires walking on the ground

My feet wander from building to building

Up & down the stairs it keeps on going


I have never thought

What walking has brought

To my health

It’s wealth


To walk is to work

To work is to walk

That’s how I was

In the world of Sales


I miss to walk

But not to work

I am content working from home

But an exercise is vital for my bone


So when the suns rise

I will exercise

My feet will wander

Time I will not squander

Coz I want to groove

And make my body move

Make Things Happen

Make Things Happen

I’ve resolved to be productive everyday. Gone are the days when I just give in to idle rests. When I just succumbed to bed and cover my face from the light of the afternoon sun and join my son in his peaceful nap.

There are just too many things to do…all things wonderful to learn, to create, to experience, and to explore. It’s such a waste of time not to plunge myself into all these things.

Books are lined up on my table, waiting to be read.

Leadership Materials

History of the ‘human manual’ is waiting to be digested.

Abraham's Lineage

The old camera is waiting to be clicked away to capture all the nice and the beautiful.

Kris' 2005 Canon 350D

I would love to write about it afterwards, express my thoughts like so many others who inspired me with their respective passion.


It was once so vague. I can’t grasp it with my limited wisdom of life. But the resolution made to make each day yield something worthy gave birth to a number of discoveries… all leading to what I love to do best.

It’s wonderful.

Life is wonderful when we choose not to give in to what will not make us utilize our full potential. Life is good when we discovered that there are too many good things than just lying around waiting for something to happen.

We make things happen… we get our body moving and uncover all the amazing things God has created for each one of us.


My Yummy Valentine

My Yummy Valentine

In the past six years that Kris and I were together, I don’t remember doing anything really special for him on Valentine’s Day. And though we’re not big on V-days, Kris never fails to treat me for a nice dinner in romantic and exclusive dining places. So this year, I thought it’s my turn to do something really nice for him in what I do best – cooking!

Cream dory with lemon butter sauce
Lechon Paksiw

It’s always been a joy to create something for my big man. His appetite is just so good.

Fruit and leafy salad with strawberry vinaigrette
Buttered Vegetables

And though he doesn’t consistently rate my food with the highest score of ten because he’s meaning to always allow a room for improvement – it is the more that I do it ‘best’ the next time around…and I am just thrilled that tonight, he loved everything I prepared for him.

Apple Salad inspired by Red Box

Kris, my Sweet, my Valentine… you are and will always be the perfect guest in our sweet abode.

How handsome you are, my beloved! Oh how charming – Song of Songs 1:16

I’ve Grown!

I’ve Grown!

There were significant people I grew up with. Some were the same age as I am. Some were older and some were younger. Through the years, when I heard something about the ones of my same age, like if they got engaged, got married or already had a family of their own, it seems like there is nothing so surprising about it. That is because we’re on the same season and that I really never felt how time flies so fast.


It’s pretty much the same with the ones who are older. Sometimes, I kind’a feel that I’m at par with them in terms of profession or maybe having a family too. Now it’s totally different with the ones who are younger than I am. There is this certain notion that these younger generations are forever young. So whenever I hear something about them, it’s like “Wow! How time passes by so fast.” Now it reminds me of these two cute little girls from my grade school who were then, a picture of innocence, all-play and forever darlings. But now one of them has a family already and the other one is a Doctor. It seems like only yesterday when I see them with their big ribbons on their heads.


This morning, I got the same notion from my eldest sister’s friend and classmate, Norvil. When he said he was surprised to learn that I already have my family (and why not at the age of 32?), I totally felt where he was coming from. The last time he saw me was more than 20 years ago when I wasn’t even a teenager yet. While it’s not a surprise that his picture of me was that of a little girl it’s surprising how older people perceived us to be after so many years of absence.


But yeah… I’ve grown. We’ve all grown. And yes, sometimes it’s really very surprising for someone who knew us in the past.


Time has made us grow. Experiences made us mature. But both have made us learn and appreciate life…making us wiser and fill us with wisdom in the process.




Time is Life

Time is Life

Time flies so quick…or is it just me who notice it? Staring at Isaiah and realize how much he’s grown is not the only thing that reminds me that time is indeed running like it’s after something. I wonder what it is.

There are days that my hands are full with so much little time to accomplish them all… sometimes I hurry getting things done on my own time as if there’s no tomorrow… but yeah, there are those days that I couldn’t care less… but only to cram after and regret that it just passed by me so swift.

Time, what is it in you that I have to make things all worthy? What is it in you that I can’t afford to waste even your seconds? What is it in you that I have to consider you every single day of my life?

Time oh time… LIFE is with you… and that answers it all.


Psalm 39:4 – Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.