Family Weekend

Family Weekend

Last Saturday we visited one of the couples from our Victory Group, Joy and Hans Chua. They had prepared a wonderful ‘Cyma-like’ (a popular Greek Restaurant here in Manila) lunch for us in their very intimate home in Makati. Everything served were good and they have been very warm and generous. Kris and I want to make sure we will do it more often with the rest of the couples in our group.

On that same afternoon, Kris and I attended this Writing Forum, which his officemate, Karess, invited us to in Shangri-La Plaza Mall. It’s always nice and personally helpful to attend seminars that have all to do with your personal interest. I’m looking forward to attending more seminars like this in the near future.

On Sunday, we visited my family in Muntinlupa. It’s always refreshing to come home to our old house and spend time with the rest of the family. I hope we could do this more often. Isaiah had a great time to bond with his cousin, Kurth. Though we didn’t stay too long because we had to attend dinner with Kris’ side of the family. It was equally refreshing to be with them and catch up on each other as well. 


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