Be Fit

Be Fit

In my previous jobs, I used to walk almost everyday and go up and down stairs. As you see, fitness was naturally provided at work and there’s no need to go to the gym.

When I stopped working it was also when I was pregnant and doing exercise was not at all advisable back then. So I haven’t gotten back to exercising since then especially now that I’m working from home. The only exercise I have is when I go up and down our bedroom and a few walks whenever we’re out of the house.

Thus the build up of unwanted weight, which I haven’t really paying attention to until I realized that I wanna be fit and up and about. So doing something about it is a must.

A morning walk to the clubhouse with Isaiah does the trick. Unlike before that I just went with my pair of flip-flops, now I have to put on my rubber shoes and prepare for the run.

I am enjoying it so far and I am committing myself in doing it regularly hoping to see good results not only for that stubborn cellulite but for good health as well.


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