People That We Are Blessed With

People That We Are Blessed With

One of the best things that happened in our 2010 was when Kris and I established a couple’s group that meets once a week. We are blessed to be surrounded by young couples like us who share and learn from each other’s journeys and experiences.

One of the couples that we shared a lot of memorable moments with is Oliver and Jasmine. When ‘Jas’ got pregnant, I came up with a strawberry shortcake-themed-shower. Surprisingly, it was the first baby shower for the rest of couples in our group. So everyone had a blast.

Prizes and Give Aways
The first diaper cake I ever made

Last December, we decided to have our party in the De Leon’s  home as Oliver and Jas can’t stay away from baby Cari for very long.

And just last Sunday, we visited them again in their lovely nest. It has always been nice to be with people whom you share the same interest.

It sure is refreshing and Kris and I were thankful that we have these people (and more!) in our lives.


One thought on “People That We Are Blessed With

  1. Awww 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful post! You guys are also an answered prayer to us and we can’t thank the Lord enough for bringing you into our lives. Mwah!

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