Pizza in the Neighborhood

Pizza in the Neighborhood

There was this new establishment with an all-white-tiled interior by the neighborhood that opened lately. Kris and I were wondering what it was. The last time we passed by it we noticed they have wifi. Seems interesting because its like they just sprouted in the middle of a residential area with a nearby slum. Couple of nights ago, our eyes wandered and found that it was a pizza place. Really huh?

So last night, I remember to ‘google it’ and see what they offer. Pretty interesting because they are a gourmet pizza place originated from the US. When I told Kris about it, he agreed to see it and tag along our little boy.

Kris chatted with the manager, Jon Jon Dykee and found out that the owner is a native of Mandaluyong and they live just behind the place, which explains why such an establishment just grows in that particular area.

The pizza is good Kris loves it. I blame it on my “still-bland-palette” why I can’t seem to like it 100%. I’m gonna give it an 8 out of 10 score. Pretty high. You should try it. Red Brick Pizza Station is located half-a-block away from California Garden Square.


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