My Day

My Day

My husband had a hard time surprising me for my birthday. It was so funny how he tried so hard to play that there was nothing up. I just have this ‘investigative instinct’ that maybe brought by my frustration in journalism. So I knew it was hard for him because he knows I’m the hardest of all people to surprise. Haha!

But he overcame my instinct and really did a great job in surprising me. Gifts were lined up the stairs going to the bedroom just before 12 midnight to January 7. There were three big gift bags symbolizing ‘thirty’ (or three decades) and two small ones symbolizing ‘two,’ which makes up my 32nd birthday. The last small bag has a small card in it that tells me to go online. And though I have a hint what it was, I was still in tears when I saw it (that I would blog upon completion of it).

So that morning of my special day, Kris took a leave and brought us to Bonifacio High Street.

Isaiah was still a bit under the weather but we’re glad he’s getting better.

We had a good breakfast and enjoyed walking around after.

Kris loves the Azskals so he made sure he brought his new soccer ball to play with Isaiah.

The rest of the day was bliss.

You know it’s your birthday when everything else is going smoothly

And that everything else around you is special

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful day.


5 thoughts on “My Day

  1. Hi, just came across with the site and your name is pretty familiar with me, wondered if you went from Philippine Christian University before? By the way, nice family photos.

    1. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for bothering to ask. I thought of ‘san pedro’ which one of my friend who lives in tondo, manila. Anyway, goodluck to you and your family.

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