Family Weekend

Family Weekend

Last Saturday we visited one of the couples from our Victory Group, Joy and Hans Chua. They had prepared a wonderful ‘Cyma-like’ (a popular Greek Restaurant here in Manila) lunch for us in their very intimate home in Makati. Everything served were good and they have been very warm and generous. Kris and I want to make sure we will do it more often with the rest of the couples in our group.

On that same afternoon, Kris and I attended this Writing Forum, which his officemate, Karess, invited us to in Shangri-La Plaza Mall. It’s always nice and personally helpful to attend seminars that have all to do with your personal interest. I’m looking forward to attending more seminars like this in the near future.

On Sunday, we visited my family in Muntinlupa. It’s always refreshing to come home to our old house and spend time with the rest of the family. I hope we could do this more often. Isaiah had a great time to bond with his cousin, Kurth. Though we didn’t stay too long because we had to attend dinner with Kris’ side of the family. It was equally refreshing to be with them and catch up on each other as well. 

Fruitful Week

Fruitful Week

I started the week with a women’s group meeting where we had a really good discussion and sharing about the life of biblical character named Hagar. It has always been refreshing to spend time with the girls and know their thoughts about a certain facet of life.

On a different topic, Monique, one of the girls from the group needed help with the print layout of her Yoga class. She basically asked for Kris’ help but he had a full schedule so I offered to do it myself. This was my first time but yeah, I was confident enough to offer my services. I’m glad that Monique liked my work. It honed my artistic skills that I never knew I have. Thanks to my husband for always pushing me in discovering my potential.

Towards the end of the week, Kris and I made a short trip to ‘Human Nature’ in Quezon City. This is a company that produces organic personal care products. I was given an item back in December, used it and liked it. So I ‘googled’ it and discovered all the wonderful things about it. I believe so much in the product and advocate their philosophy ‘Pro Philippines, Pro Poor, ProEnvironment’. I’ll blog more about it soon.

On that same day, I assisted Kris in doing his errands. And one of those was to attend his MMDA Traffic Court hearing. We were apprehended by an MMDA traffic officer back in December 28 on our way to our friends in Merville. I’m proud that Kris really took time for this hearing so as to call the attention of the authorities to that so-called ‘catch basin’ of these MMDA officers.

Kris got favorable response and we are looking forward for them to improve their traffic signs.

Goal : To See the Azkals

Goal : To See the Azkals

My husband Kris loves soccer – he played it when he was in high school – and is in fact a number one fan of the Philippine Azkals. He bought a soccer ball back in December, which he said was for Isaiah but I think it’s more of ‘his’. Haha! I don’t mind. I think our little boy have the same interest for soccer. He likes watching the Super Strikas in Disney Channel. And would grab his soccer ball whenever.

So Kris googled where Azkals have their practice. And he was so happy that it’s not so far from home. We’ve been there twice and they both had a super wonderful time.

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I was more than happy looking at the two of them playing together. So I don’t mind being their personal assistant because ‘Ako naman ang number fan nilang dalawa’.

Be Fit

Be Fit

In my previous jobs, I used to walk almost everyday and go up and down stairs. As you see, fitness was naturally provided at work and there’s no need to go to the gym.

When I stopped working it was also when I was pregnant and doing exercise was not at all advisable back then. So I haven’t gotten back to exercising since then especially now that I’m working from home. The only exercise I have is when I go up and down our bedroom and a few walks whenever we’re out of the house.

Thus the build up of unwanted weight, which I haven’t really paying attention to until I realized that I wanna be fit and up and about. So doing something about it is a must.

A morning walk to the clubhouse with Isaiah does the trick. Unlike before that I just went with my pair of flip-flops, now I have to put on my rubber shoes and prepare for the run.

I am enjoying it so far and I am committing myself in doing it regularly hoping to see good results not only for that stubborn cellulite but for good health as well.

Great Finds

Great Finds

I’ve been googling a lot lately trying to find some interesting things on the web. There are too many things I came across and all of them inspired me in some way or another. One of this great finds is the smilebox.

If you love scrapbooking like I do, this is something that you will love. Here’s my first project;


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People That We Are Blessed With

People That We Are Blessed With

One of the best things that happened in our 2010 was when Kris and I established a couple’s group that meets once a week. We are blessed to be surrounded by young couples like us who share and learn from each other’s journeys and experiences.

One of the couples that we shared a lot of memorable moments with is Oliver and Jasmine. When ‘Jas’ got pregnant, I came up with a strawberry shortcake-themed-shower. Surprisingly, it was the first baby shower for the rest of couples in our group. So everyone had a blast.

Prizes and Give Aways
The first diaper cake I ever made

Last December, we decided to have our party in the De Leon’s  home as Oliver and Jas can’t stay away from baby Cari for very long.

And just last Sunday, we visited them again in their lovely nest. It has always been nice to be with people whom you share the same interest.

It sure is refreshing and Kris and I were thankful that we have these people (and more!) in our lives.

Pizza in the Neighborhood

Pizza in the Neighborhood

There was this new establishment with an all-white-tiled interior by the neighborhood that opened lately. Kris and I were wondering what it was. The last time we passed by it we noticed they have wifi. Seems interesting because its like they just sprouted in the middle of a residential area with a nearby slum. Couple of nights ago, our eyes wandered and found that it was a pizza place. Really huh?

So last night, I remember to ‘google it’ and see what they offer. Pretty interesting because they are a gourmet pizza place originated from the US. When I told Kris about it, he agreed to see it and tag along our little boy.

Kris chatted with the manager, Jon Jon Dykee and found out that the owner is a native of Mandaluyong and they live just behind the place, which explains why such an establishment just grows in that particular area.

The pizza is good Kris loves it. I blame it on my “still-bland-palette” why I can’t seem to like it 100%. I’m gonna give it an 8 out of 10 score. Pretty high. You should try it. Red Brick Pizza Station is located half-a-block away from California Garden Square.