Gift of Obedience

Gift of Obedience

Kris and I have been seriously trying to stop Isaiah from thumb-sucking. I had the habit myself when I was his age until about three or four years old. Although it didn’t cause any bad effect on the formation of my teeth, Kris is convinced that it’s causing otherwise so we have to restrict him from doing it.

It was hard for him of course. Especially that one night in the middle of his sleep, Kris whispered to his ears “No thumb sucking” as he gently pulled off his thumb half awake. He started to cry and it broke my heart but we have to be firm. He was struggling to go back to sleep so I asked if he wants to thumb suck and he said yes. I don’t want to play as the good cop but it’s so late that we both wanted to sleep so I said, “Okay go ahead.” I was expecting that he will immediately thumb suck but instead I saw how he tire himself shuffling around his bed whimpering left and right until he finally dozes off.

Tonight, before putting him to bed, I told him not to thumb suck anymore. He attempted to cry and got off the bed but I was quick but gently to explain how it will affect his teeth just like what his Daddy told him. So he went back on the bed and asked for his toy cars instead.

Isaiah: Car, Mommy.

Mommy: Okay. Mommy will get your car. (I gave it to him thinking that he wants to sleep with it)

Isaiah: Hide-seek, Mommy. (He said the moment I gave him his two toy cars.)

Mommy: Your cars want to sleep also. You go sleep now okay.

Isaiah: No Mommy no. Play. Hide-seek.

I gave in and played hide and seek with his toy cars for several minutes. Lying down, he laughed at how silly I was in hiding the toy cars. Soon after, I asked him several times if he’s sleepy and he would always answer “Yah” but he’d try to ignore me when I told him to sleep. So I asked if he wants to thumb suck to help him sleep and he also said “Yah.” So I told him its okay. But just like the last time, he didn’t even try to put his thumb into his mouth. I sang his favorite lullaby (Sing by The Carpenters) while he played with his cars until he slept.

I almost wanted to cry when he finally closed his eyes because I realized that he wanted to tire himself and be able to sleep by playing with his cars. He listened and he obeyed. He remembered what his Daddy has been always telling him.

How can such a very young mind – barely two years old – listened and tried every thing possible to obey us?

There were a number of occasions already that he proves to be very obedient but this time I wanted to make sure. I’m posting this story so he has something to go back to and read and know that Daddy and Mommy were so proud of him.

We love you Isaiah. Your obedience is such a blessing to our family.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6


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