Goodbye Tito Danny

Goodbye Tito Danny

This afternoon, family and friends gathered together to take our beloved Tito Danny to his final resting ground.

Tito Danny is my father’s older brother who lived to be sixty-three before he finally breathed his last. His death was so sudden.  It was on the fateful Thursday morning of November 25th when he suddenly felt ill while commuting his way to work. He dropped himself off at a hospital along the way. The nurse phoned his wife, Tita Belen, who immediately rushed to the hospital. As per the accounts, Tito Danny was screaming in excruciating pain and the attending doctor advised that he was already in a 50-50 condition. Tita Belen was able to contact my cousin Jasmin who got hold of my sister, Emcy, who then contacted the rest of us. By the time I heard the news, Tito Danny has already passed away.

The last time we saw Tito Danny was on November 1. He was the same old Tito Danny who loves little children. The kids including my son, Isaiah had so much fun playing with him that day. It is his joy to play and laugh with them as if wanting to have his own grandchildren. His only daughter, my cousin-Doreen, is still waiting for a child of her own. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and they are both in town to see her dad for one last time.

Tita Belen’s house would never be the same again without Tito Danny but knowing that he’s already in peace, our prayer is for her to be comforted and still be able to smile and live life like she used to.

Thank you Lord for the life of our Tito Danny.


Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. – Psalm 116:15




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