I never knew what Thanksgiving tradition is until I met my husband Kris. If there’s one thing he likes most about his eight years stay in California, it’s Thanksgiving Day. Since he came home five years ago, he makes it a point to celebrate it here with the family. And thankfully, we were able to spend it too with some of our good Filipino American friends here in the Philippines.


For the last three years, we’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving in Heat, Shangri-La. This year, we missed our good friends Rob and Samantha Johnson but I am happy knowing that they definitely had the best Thanksgiving celebration with Rob’s family in Nebraska.


Thanksgiving has grown in me and it’s something I wish we had here in the Philippines to celebrate with our family and friends. Lechon can be our version of turkey while family and loved ones sit down all together sharing the things we are thankful for. It’s just perfectly good to count your blessings and share the goodness of life. I love Americans for that.

So what are the things I am specifically thankful for this year? There are a lot of and I want to name few of them here.

1.     Passion – I never knew what this word means to me. In fact it was the most difficult question for me to answer. But I thank God that through a lot of self-discoveries and breakthroughs, I was able to define it now.

2.     Friends – I am surrounded with people whose lives are a testimony of God’s faithfulness in every way.

3.     Inspirations – I am an inspiration-driven-person. The absence of it makes me feel so lousy. So God made me able to see the beauty in everything and anything where I can draw even the smallest piece of inspiration.

4.     Answers – I got a lot of it in any form imaginable, God hears my prayers every time, anytime.

5.     Opportunities – In everything I prayed for, God has always given me an opportunity to be what I prayed for and to get what I asked of.

6.     Son – Isaiah is a joy whose life keeps me amazed at how mighty God is.

7.     Husband – From the time he was just a friend up to being my better half, he never fails to bring out the best in me.

I am thankful for my life and for all the things that I was made of because each and every one of those lives for the glory of God.


Thankful for these friends.



Thanksgiving dinner with wonderful women of faith.


Happy thanksgiving everybody!


Heart of Parenting

Heart of Parenting

Last Saturday, Kris and I attended a parenting seminar called The Heart of Parenting facilitated by Victory Pioneer. The last seminar we went to was Pastor Mark Gungor’s Laugh Your Way Through Marriage, which was equally beneficial and refreshing. We always take time to attend seminars like this as it really helps us a lot.

While Kris and I love being married to each other, parenting our nearly two-year-old son, Kristoffer Isaiah, is an indescribable joy. There are times we stare at him and tell each other with pride, “that’s our own.” The things he quickly learns and applies never cease to amaze us.

Like any married couple, we have no full understanding of how it is to be a first-time parent and how to rear a child. I even remember how that little bit of worry creep in to Kris’ mind about raising our son. It rooted from the fact that he grew up with a less than ideal relationship with his dad. But I have always trusted in God to guide him and to have faith in the goodness of his heart. True enough, the strength of the relationship that he is building with Isaiah now is remarkable and I am grateful for that.

While there are many books and blog sites available for parenting references, building relationship with God Himself always comes on top of everything else. We can sure raise Isaiah the way our parents raised us both and our mentors have advised us, but raising him without knowing God just wont work the way it should be. Surely, we cannot do everything with our own strength.

As parents, we realized that we are builders: Builders of the next generation. Kris and I are serious in wanting to have a significant change in our environment right now, so we strongly agree that we have to start with raising our child the godly way. We may stumble and fall along the way but I know that when we remain faithful and obedient to the Word then there will be nothing impossible.


Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. – Proverbs 22:6




There are things around me that are beautiful. There are also things that are not so beautiful and some that are not at all beautiful. But all of them have the same thing in common. They inspire me in different reasons.

No matter how beautiful or not a particular thing is, the story and the experiences and the lessons that come with if afterwards are valuable. They are testimony of God’s faithfulness that encourages me to hope more and dream big. It reminds me that I have an infinite God.

Infinite God