Why Do I Write?

Why Do I Write?

I started writing back when I was in my junior high school. I usually write short stories where I always see myself in the lead role. And I do it because it helps me to express the feelings that I’ve been trying to suppress. So basically I write for my own satisfaction.

As years went by, so many things have changed from my perspective of specific things to how I make my decision. Yet one thing remains – I still write for my own satisfaction.

My husband, Kristoffer has this book “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser. He told me once it’s a nice read but never did it interest me in any way. Until I found myself engaged in it. I noticed how simple is the choice of words, the chapters are short and it was truthfully written.

I specifically like what he said “Now I’m saying you must write for yourself and not be gnawed by worry over whether the reader is tagging along.”

It was as if William Zinsser affirmed my very reason why I like to write in the first place. Later on I would make time to read a chapter every morning. It has taught me a lot and encouraged me to pursue my writing. And soon realized that writing is my first love that I have forgotten I have with me for a long time.

Here’s a couple of other reason why I write

¨     I want Isaiah and my future children to know me more in my writing.

¨     I want something to go back to and remind me of my thoughts, feelings and events that happened in my life and remember that in all of these things, I have one faithful God who has given me a good life to live.


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