A Late Bloomer Fan

A Late Bloomer Fan

We spent Kris’s birthday week in Tagaytay where we had a wonderful time reuniting with good friends from abroad. It was especially relaxing because aside from the absence of Internet connection, we just get to slouch in front of the TV watching Twilight.

I was never a fan of Bella-Edward love team ever. I don’t remember even having an inkling of watching it during the peak of its popularity because I don’t like anything hyped. I just shrugged my shoulders whenever I was asked if I see it. No and I don’t have intentions to. So New Moon and Eclipse passed without me being flustered to go to movie house and join the rest of its crazy-girl-fans.

Not until I saw the DVD of it lying in front of Michelle’s almost 50 inch TV screen in a beautiful house in Crosswind Tagaytay. How tempting was that? I asked Kris to put it on while I was getting ready some food to munch…

Then it all began. I feel like I was Bella that I’m super “kilig” to the mere presence of Edward. I never thought I could’ve feel that way like the rest of the girls who are crazy over this Twilight saga. What’s with this Bella-Edward-thing that I feel like I was in cloud 9 after watching it? … Feels like I’m in love all over again. THAT’S IT! The culprit is my being a woman who after all, loves to be pursued all the time. The snob-yet-good-looking-Edward captured not only Bella’s heart but also many of its women viewers because of his ‘vampire-ly-romantic-pursuance’ of Bella.  I got so much into it that I googled whether Eclipse is still showing in any of the cinema in the metro. It breaks my heart that it’s not so I ended up googling synopsis of is book instead. Not just one but all three of them plus the upcoming ‘Breaking Dawn’. Oh I can’t wait to see it!

Couple of nights ago, Kris surprised me with a DVD of New Moon and watched it with me. I’ve watched it twice but still up to watching it again. Now I can see myself lining up in with great excitement in cinema come November 2011. See you there!


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