Working From Home

Working From Home

I am watching Isaiah taking a nap on the bed beside me… I am thankful that he’s just within my reach while I face my computer and do my work.

It’s already been a month since I started working for an US-based company. The first few days were really difficult, as I am required to submit a certain number of articles per day and at the same time finding my way into using the software that goes with it. I wanted to give up during the first few days especially because it came the same time we had this 3-day-big-event in our church. I was just so overwhelmed with all those things happening around me — and now after a month I survived the birth pains and is slowly getting the hang of it.

There is now lesser time for me to go surfing on a daily basis looking for something that will interest me. But my big bonus is that, in between breaks I can get to hug Isaiah and smooch him all over. It is both energizing and encouraging at the same time. My day is usually full but I love the fact that though I am tired at the end of the day, I know I’ve been “resourcefully-productive”.

I am indeed thankful for this opportunity of working from home. And I can’t ask for more.


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