Married to a ‘Jonathan’

Married to a ‘Jonathan’

I didn’t really know who Jonathan was until we discussed it in one of our women’s group meeting. I learned to appreciate the so many good things about him and how he didn’t put himself ahead of others despite the fact that he’s the next in line to be a king. He judged himself realistically by looking at the big picture and acknowledging the greater potential in others… specially that of David who was himself a man after God’s own heart. Jonathan was said to be a “king-maker” because he was the one who encouraged and supported David during the reign of King Saul, his father.

Jonathan builds up David not because he was lacking in potential but because he saw that very potential that David indeed possessed what it takes to be able to reign victoriously in the land of Israel.

Does a Jonathan still exist nowadays? My answer would be yes and I’m sure it’s the same thing for most of you. We all have our Jonathan who encourages us during the low points in our lives. A Jonathan who helps us realizes our full potential to live our lives to the fullest. A Jonathan who brings out the best in us no matter what the circumstance is…

I thank God that I just don’t have a Jonathan in my life but married to one.

My Jonathan — my Kristoffer.


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