A Daddy After God’s Own Heart

A Daddy After God’s Own Heart

I read few father’s day post which makes me better understand what good fatherhood is. There were fathers who didn’t grow up having their fathers but ended up fathering their children really well. And there was this man who grew up beaten up by his dad but is very hopeful and excited to be a cool father to his future kids. There were also others whom I know personally that have absentee father but I witness how great they have become a father themselves.

It’s only telling me one thing. That it doesn’t matter how you grew up with or without your biological father. But if you have opened your heart for our heavenly Father then He will guide you and will give you direction in your life. Because in the first place, “His will for you is to prosper you and not to harm you (Jeremiah 29:11)”.

I’ve known Kris inside and out. I know his past and how he overcame the challenges of life caused by not having a good relationship with his dad. But in spite of it all, he welcomed Jesus in his heart and truly acknowledged the presence of God in his life. Only then he experienced freedom from his painful past. And only because of his relationship with his heavenly Father that he doesn’t feel anything for his own dad but love, after all.

A good, loving dad is now who he became after those tests. In his heart is the desire to bring out the best in his son and guide him to be the man who God wills him to be. And in his plans is to provide Isaiah the best along with all our other children to be.

Kristoffer Atienza, I admire your naturally kind big heart and I thank you for responding to His call. I can’t wait for that day that our children themselves will honor you for being such a great dad… a daddy after God’s own heart. I love you.


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