Spicy Soda

Spicy Soda

We passed by KFC for a quick dinner last night before going to our appointment. A lady crew got our orders.

Crew: Can I have your orders?

Kris: Give me bbq rods please.

Crew: What’s your drink Sir?

Kris: Ice tea with less ice.

Crew: How about you Ma’am?

Me: Give me snack box with wings.

Crew: What’s your drink Ma’am?

Me: Mountain dew please.

Crew: Spicy Ma’am?

Me: Alin yung mountain dew???

Kris laughed out loud as the crew looked at me smiling and said she’s referring to the chicken. Ahhh! I just want it clear because I definitely don’t want a spicy soda. Hahaha!


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