Free Offer with a Cost

Free Offer with a Cost

The phone rang and woke me up from my morning nap with Isaiah. The lady mentioned her name and the hotel she’s working for.

Me: How did you get my name?

Lady: It popped up in our screen as one of our VIPs po.

Ah really? I don’t know how your system works for you to generate sales lead but I’m sure that my name didn’t just pop up like it’s a spam.

Lady: When is your birthday Ma’am?

Me: January 7.

Lady: Ah tapos na po pala but on your next birthday we can give you a FREE… (I forgot what she said but she did mention Conway’s and Circles)

Me: Ahmmm…

Lady: Are you single Ma’am?

Me: No, I’m married.

Lady: When is your anniversary, Ma’am?

Me: August 17.

Lady: Malapit na pala Ma’am. We can give you po a FREE anniversary cake worth Php1, 500. Do you have kids, Ma’am?

Me: Yes.

Lady: How old na po?

Me: He’s one.

Lady: Ah okay Ma’am. You don’t have to pay for him na po when you dine in our restaurants. Actually hanggang 2 years old po, FREE yung mga kids.

Okay, I think that is supposed to be given.

Lady: Ms. Marilou, everything I mentioned po cost Php9, 000++ but we will only give it to you for Php7, 000++. Where do you want me to send po your package, home address or business address? Do you have business po ba?

Did I hear that right? Yes. She’s giving me options on the delivery address but she didn’t know if the latter ever exist. Plus, she said what? Only pay?!

Me: I’m sorry?

Lady: Where can I send po Ma’am your package?

Me: Ehemmm… didn’t you tell me that you will give me those things for free?

Lady: Yes Ma’am.

Me: And you want me to pay Php7, 000++ for something you’re giving me for free?

Long silence.

Me: I also came from selling and I know you’re doing your job but I think you have a poor marketing campaign. I hope you didn’t tell me that I will get those things for free when you want me to pay just a discounted price.

Lady: Ahh ganun po Ma’am?

Me: Yes. So I’ll pass this time.


Me: Hello?

Lady: Yes Ma’am.

Me: That would be all. Bye.

Lady: Bye Ma’am.

I hope I didn’t scare her because I think she’s new. I just hope that she learns from that experience and do better in her next phone call. I have my own share of flaws as well when I was new in work and one of the simplest yet the best thing I have learned is to communicate properly and effectively.


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