Sweet Food, Sweet Words

Sweet Food, Sweet Words

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. It is when my creativity “wants to be squeezed out”. I love garnishing the simplest of food like canned goods to make it look appetizing. And I love it whenever my creative-himself-husband appreciates it. He is one important & constant guest of the house and it’s a pleasure for me to serve him.

Days ago, I baked banana loaf. I put in extra mashed banana to add more flavor. Unfortunately, it made the loaf soft & soggy in the middle. Knowing how critical Kris is when it comes to food, I thought he wouldn’t like it. But surprisingly, he loved the extra flavor and found the soft side really creamy. He even discovered that it taste so much better with chocolate syrup.

So the next day he went home for lunch, I served him cold banana loaf with chocolate syrup and whip cream. My heart melt with the chocolate syrup seeing how he enjoyed the creation that I thought is not good at all. I tasted it too and loved it. I even reserved the remaining two slices for my merienda.

Cold Banana Loaf with Chocolate Syrup & Whip Cream

Sometimes, we tend to think that we don’t do good in certain areas of life. But the truth is, we only need someone else to believe in us and with us. We need that sweet word of affirmation to get us going and believe in ourselves. So let’s ask God to send us those people whom can genuinely affirm us in the good things that we do and He will surely send us His messenger.


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