No To Tactical Voting

No To Tactical Voting

I took a cab going to High Street the other day. I was so tempted to ask the cab driver who he will vote for this coming election knowing how opinionated they are about politics. But I can’t find the right timing so I asked my friend Nina instead who was with me. “I want Gordon but I’m going for Noynoy because he’s the one on the lead.” I asked her another question until I finally find way to ask the cab driver. And why I’m not surprised when he said that he has the same answer as Nina.

It is very unfortunate for us Filipinos not to vote for the leader who we think will make a difference just because he’s way behind the race. And instead vote for someone whom we think can go strongly against the other party that we don’t want to win in the first place. I WAS GUILTY of this way back 2004 Presidential election where I vote for the second leading over the candidate that I really want to vote for. Only because I don’t want the one leading the race to win. I was so scared he’s gonna win that I urged my family to think the way I did. But I’ve learned my lesson and I don’t want to make the same mistake. I should have voted according to my conscience and to the person whom I believe will make a big difference to the Philippines. No more tactical voting please.

I’m praying for wisdom for us, Filipinos who will be casting our votes on May 10. May we not only enjoy our right to suffrage but that we also do what is right in our hearts and for our country.

I’m praying for Gordon and standing with him along with my family and friends. Win or lose.


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