It is evident that God is really working on a particular area of my character whenever I have disagreements with my husband. Every time I would tell him an offending word, my heart will be convicted and I will realize that the enemy is really at work in putting me down.

It’s hard to humble myself at times when I know I’m standing on what I believe is right. But I realized that it’s not the issue of who’s right and who’s wrong. Besides who would tell us whether I am right and he is wrong? Now I believe that it’s an issue of discernment. If both of us were being attacked, we should both be quick to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. There is nothing sweeter than kissing and making up.

I believe that God wants me to be a respectful wife. If there are things that I don’t agree on, it’s not for me to fight my husband to the point of disrespecting him. I should know when to rest my case and turn it over to God and let Him do the rest.

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. – Ephesians 5:33

Sweet Food, Sweet Words

Sweet Food, Sweet Words

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. It is when my creativity “wants to be squeezed out”. I love garnishing the simplest of food like canned goods to make it look appetizing. And I love it whenever my creative-himself-husband appreciates it. He is one important & constant guest of the house and it’s a pleasure for me to serve him.

Days ago, I baked banana loaf. I put in extra mashed banana to add more flavor. Unfortunately, it made the loaf soft & soggy in the middle. Knowing how critical Kris is when it comes to food, I thought he wouldn’t like it. But surprisingly, he loved the extra flavor and found the soft side really creamy. He even discovered that it taste so much better with chocolate syrup.

So the next day he went home for lunch, I served him cold banana loaf with chocolate syrup and whip cream. My heart melt with the chocolate syrup seeing how he enjoyed the creation that I thought is not good at all. I tasted it too and loved it. I even reserved the remaining two slices for my merienda.

Cold Banana Loaf with Chocolate Syrup & Whip Cream

Sometimes, we tend to think that we don’t do good in certain areas of life. But the truth is, we only need someone else to believe in us and with us. We need that sweet word of affirmation to get us going and believe in ourselves. So let’s ask God to send us those people whom can genuinely affirm us in the good things that we do and He will surely send us His messenger.

No To Tactical Voting

No To Tactical Voting

I took a cab going to High Street the other day. I was so tempted to ask the cab driver who he will vote for this coming election knowing how opinionated they are about politics. But I can’t find the right timing so I asked my friend Nina instead who was with me. “I want Gordon but I’m going for Noynoy because he’s the one on the lead.” I asked her another question until I finally find way to ask the cab driver. And why I’m not surprised when he said that he has the same answer as Nina.

It is very unfortunate for us Filipinos not to vote for the leader who we think will make a difference just because he’s way behind the race. And instead vote for someone whom we think can go strongly against the other party that we don’t want to win in the first place. I WAS GUILTY of this way back 2004 Presidential election where I vote for the second leading over the candidate that I really want to vote for. Only because I don’t want the one leading the race to win. I was so scared he’s gonna win that I urged my family to think the way I did. But I’ve learned my lesson and I don’t want to make the same mistake. I should have voted according to my conscience and to the person whom I believe will make a big difference to the Philippines. No more tactical voting please.

I’m praying for wisdom for us, Filipinos who will be casting our votes on May 10. May we not only enjoy our right to suffrage but that we also do what is right in our hearts and for our country.

I’m praying for Gordon and standing with him along with my family and friends. Win or lose.

Fear of Lack

Fear of Lack

What’s your fear of lack? I haven’t really thought about it until I led our women’s small group last night. Most of the ladies have their own share  of fear of lack  but all of them agree that in all of those, God will always provide for them.

Our women's group meet every Wednesday at 630pm in Serendra Taguig.

There were so many times in my life where people gave & blessed me with what I have been praying for. From the biggest need to the smallest one God showed His faithfulness. He’s always there telling me that no matter how small and how big my needs are, He will always provide for me.

Knowing that God values me, I learned to trust God more and believe that He will provide for me and for my little family. I need to be reminded though, that if God did not meet my needs there could only be 3 good reasons why.

  1. It’s not for me
  2. It’s not time yet
  3. His plan is beyond what we imagine.

So I just have to trust Him and wait patiently as He unfolds His plans for me.

Psalm 34:9-10 Fear the LORD, you his saints, for those who fear him lack nothing. The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.