Adopted Joy

Adopted Joy

I was happy to see my eldest sister with a baby in her arms. For the first time, it was hers and not mine nor my other sister’s or brother’s. It was hers and that makes her really happy.

Ate is married for about nine years now. And since then, they’ve been waiting for the so-called “bundle of joy”. But when she got pregnant, it was ectopic that she has to undergo a laparoscopic surgery to remove pregnancy. I would remember how she cried over the phone when she broke the news to our family. She and her husband were abroad that time and not having us around especially our mother beside her adds to her burden. Years of waiting makes her longing for the joys that her siblings & close cousins were enjoying with their little angels. Though she was not vocal about it, I knew in my heart that she’s wanting to hold a baby of her own. I know I can’t do much than to let her enjoy Isaiah as much as she can but praying for her every time is always in my agenda.

Adoption was a consideration once but I think not all family members were favor of it so they dropped the idea. Ate, remained hopeful  until an opportunity of really  adopting a son came along. And so Marcus Ezekiel was welcomed to their little home. My brother-in-law has become visibly happy since then and my Ate was overjoyed. She almost doesn’t have time for herself lately but that’s the least of her concern. The smiles in Marcus’ face takes out her discomfort and make her laugh like she never did before.

Today is her 36th birthday and being a mother to Marcus is one of the best gifts that she ever had. She doesn’t know what lies ahead but her hope to conceived and give birth to a child of her own is still up. Impossible is not in God’s vocabulary and I am believing and praying for her and with her.


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