A Wife is A Helper

A Wife is A Helper

While I was growing up, I am exposed to how my mother would take care of my father’s need every time. From the office uniform that she needs to prepare to the food that she will serve him. She always makes sure that the best portion of the food is reserved for him which she sometimes addressed as “our King.” I have learned from my mother the value of putting your husband’s interest ahead of others.

When I got married, I realized that it’s innate for a wife to take care of a husband’s needs like my mother does. This morning, Kris called from upstairs saying he can’t find his new pants. So I went up and got it for him. He checked if it was he’s looking for as there were a couple of other pants with the same color hanging in the closet. He thanked me after. I turned on the fan when I noticed that he’s already sweating while putting his contact lenses. I prepared his undershirt & a pair of socks and pick up his things down on the floor. Through all the mess, he managed to share with me a good thought that he read from Maxwell’s book before leaving for work.

Being a wife is sometimes exhausting as I need to attend to a lot of my husband’s needs. Sometimes I feel like I’m a helper. But come to think of it, being a wife is really being a help to the husband. But unlike our house help that attends to our needs because it’s her job, I help my husband because I love him and I care too much for him. There’s nobody else could lovingly take care of my husband’s needs the way I do. And that we shouldn’t let anyone else do it for us.

To be a wife requires abundance in love because only through it, I can help & care for my husband tirelessly. I thank God that He always fills my heart with His own love for me that I have overflowing of it.

Genesis 2:18 The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”


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